Lina’s Turmoil

On Saturday, unhealthy fellow blogger Lina was taken aback upon seeing my beautiful pickup truck and announced her desire to get one herself someday (in neon pink, according to her). A few hours later, on breaking speed limits just to get to a meeting on time, Lina decided to take a shortcut through a rough patch of land, perhaps thinking that her Honda was a 4×4 that could handle such terrain. Lo and behold she got stuck, much to my utter amusement. So I came to basically take pictures and laugh at her. The funniest part was Lina asking local workers for one of those miner picks that are used to move rocks. They ran to her assistance moments later and her Honda was free again.

She gave me permission to blog all this, which was a tragic, tragic mistake on her part.

It is a terrible thing when bloggers have blogger friends. Hence the point of this post.




Your Two Piasters: