Daily Show: US Presidential Hopefuls Pander To Israel

Everyone’s been talking about that Obama speech, but Jon Stewart, everyone’s favorite Jew, gauges all three speeches made to “Oy! Pac” (AIPAC), the most powerful American-Israeli lobby in the US, and points out some pretty funny and blatantly obvious observations:

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  • Well Jon’s definately my favourite Jew! heheheh
    I was really worried that with Bush leaving the White House, Stewart would have less ‘material’ to work with. Clearly I was mistaken 🙂
    There can never be an American president that is ‘good for us’, no matter how much Arabs look for it in the candidates … but at least the white house can always promise to deliver on comedy! hehehe

  • It looks like Stewart is the only comedian who can even very softly criticize Israel and its influence on the US politics. I’m so glad he’s Jewish.

  • Making jokes on the TV about the American-Israeli relationships is not criticism in any way, shape or form! This is another media approach to gain voters that have doubted the real reason behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq!! We are so naive for not yet understanding the kind of relationship between Israel and the U.S. especially when we believe in a dream of an American candidate that will run just to fulfill the Arabs needs! “YOU CAN NOT WIN THE ELLICTION IF YOU DID NOT KNOW HOW TO KISS THE ASSES OF EACH AND EVERY ZIONEST IN AMERICA” that is the golden rule for every politician in the USA!

  • What truely surprises me is not what Obama said or did at AIPAC…what shocks me is that there are people out there who actually expected him not to says these things….when are we gonna learn, dont forget that Arab Americans heavily voted for Dubya in his first campaign, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Now we get Oybama…..I wonder what surprises he has up his sleeves for the Arabs who idolize him, granted Obama is great underdog story, but he is an American underdog, You wana vote for someone worthwile, vote for the only candidate who actually criticzed Israel on many occasions, Ralph Nader….a man with some guts…..vote for him, take a stand, support a good man for once in your lives. Havent you learned that voting rep or dem will never benefit you? Until the day you fund someone who is pro arab into the whitehouse, rather than taking reactionary stances and voting for the lesser of the two evils…..forget about it.

  • i concur with deena and markus. there is probably never going to be an american president that is great for the arab world, because the american president’s job is to do what’s best for americans, not arabs. it’s like expecting king abdullah to do what’s best for the poles or the swedes. he won’t, and he shouldn’t. he does what he has to do to keep himself in power.

    i don’t mean this in a cold-hearted way, but i keep wondering when the many people who support the palestinian cause are going to start looking from within for solutions. i’ve had this discussion many times with my closer palestinian friends. it’s not because i’m unsympathetic. to the contrary.

  • Marwan, that clip that Jon Stewart did is the harshest “hidden” criticism I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Maybe if you watch C-span 24/7 or an interview with Jimmie Carter who’s being viewed as a demneted lunatic in the media these days you’ll hear something more criticial of Israel, but what Stewart did is make fun of the new president of the US and how they’re unable to criticize Israel even when they have to sometimes.

    Make no mistake, I’m sure Stewart supports Israel as a nation and he frequently makes fun of Arabs and Muslims with some stereotyping, but the fact that he mentions the victims of Iraq and comments on hostilities by Israel (comments, just commenting) is more than what’s expected.
    His show and those of others are very popular and it is important to some extent what these comedians say, they are infliential on quite a few people, and they make you laugh , as opposed to the other “comedians” like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limaugh who make you cry.

  • Hareega – Let’s not separate between Stewart’s lines and the final conclusion he offers! At the end of his clip he offers a meter that measures each of the candidate’s enthusiasm toward Israel, and if you noticed he ranked Obama as the least!! As you know there have been some whispers going around about “Why America has gone to Iraq?”, and some loud answers suggests, by relaying on logical geopolitics, that America is there to protect Israel, trap Iran and achieve some economical gains! If I showed Obama as the least to support that by magnifying his objectiveness toward Israel then I am saying: he is the less likely to keep using the American resources to protect Israel in such a wild manner as Bush been doing!! I know this makes me sound paranoid and so much on the side of conspiracy theorists, but then again, it is hard to trust the American media when it is simply, as you know, operated and controlled by the wealth of AIPAC!

    P.S. I agree with you, O’ Reilly is a big joke!

  • Did you know that Obama opened a Hebrew blog to chronicle his campaign in becoming Prime Minister of Israel? – Oh no wait .. that’s right he’s running for President of the United States… Whoopsie.

    I’m Jewish myself and I think that’s beyond stupid – why do U.S presidential hopefuls pander to the Israeli’s? Why not make a German blog or a Polish one and pander to them as well?

    And you have to love this tired line “Israel has a right to defend itself” – Nobody else does though apparently lol HYPOCRISY!!!!

  • Arabs must understand these points …

    First: We must not think much about others but to make of the acts that make others realize our thoughts …

    Second: not to pursue a confrontational policy with the United States of America, but as far as possible to try to debate with them and do not object to coexist with them, but take advantage of this cohabitation persuade them just cause, particularly in this era in which the international community is entitled …

    Especially that of not walking with the international community is against this community and will only bring destruction to the people and experiences surrounding us taught us that…

    Third: Look how to Iran and threatened day and night to destroy Israel and threaten U.S. interests what will iran benefited from that?? While that entered into discussions with the international community regarding the Palestinian issue just may be helpful to issue more than empty threats …

    Fourth: all Arabs must learn from His Majesty King abu hussein method of dealing with the West,and how is a speech in Congress or in the European Union equivalent, Given the benefit of more than all the threats of Iran and others that will bring only destruction ….

    Fifth: i just ask the Arabs one thing is that instead of hope or ask for the arrival of the President of America’s pro-Arab and therefore it will not happen of course, to enter into American society and deliver him our idea and our just cause, rather than trivialities that we see on our television screens
    And i give the example that if we reviewed all the satellite channels will see that most of the channels are dancing and singing contests and magic herbs , Look how many dollars are being spent on those channels and we do not find one channel entered the mainstream American communities to explain the causes of fair ….

    Finally, we must help ourselves before we ask others to help us …

    thanks all

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