Sometimes, I Want To Shake This World With My Bare Two Hands

On Brad Pitt and Angelina’s latest incarnations…

“This is an absolutely huge, huge story for us,” said Sarah Ivens, editor in chief of OK! magazine. “Essentially you have two of the most beautiful, famous people in the world. We’ve all seen they’ve had one baby, Shiloh, and it is the coolest, most adorable baby on the planet. And this time they’re having two? It can’t get any better.” [source]



  • Nas,If extra help is needed, i’ll lend ya a hand!

    Hareega, “We’ve all seen they’ve had one baby, Shiloh, and it is the coolest, most adorable baby on the planet.” …hmmm, i wouldn’t think that being 28 is a major problem if you are qualified as the most adorable 28 year old dude on the planet… such a tough competition wallahi! lol 😀

  • Well on the other side, you’ve gotta agree that media’s main job nowadays is entertainment..
    Doesn’t that count as entertainment??

    I’m kind of struggling with this issue in my media ethics and law class, but i came to the decision that those public figures are self-made and should not expect any degree of privacy and THAT’S why i don’t see anything wrong with that story..

    and PLEASE, don’t mistake me with those stalkers who know about these things before Angelina’s Ob-Gyn!!! just stating my opinion 🙂

  • 1) Here is something that will depress you….the bidding war for the pictures has reached $15 million…to put this into a proper and depressing perspective, this means that the twins are making more than any of us will ever have in this lifetime and they are still in womb.

    2) for all the tawjihi students the sentence “Shiloh, and it is the coolest, most adorable baby on the planet” is a great example of HYPORBOLE if you should be asked on the exam.

    shake the world? i say we just scrap it and most of the human race along with it…does any one out there have the phone number for Rod Sterling?????

  • I recall reading somewhere that when rumors first began to spred about Brad and Angelina being a couple, Angelina was bombarded by questions from a CNN reporter (about her relationship) as soon as she landed in an African country to promote one of the causes she’s taken up. Angelina said, “Please. Don’t do this. You’re CNN.” CNN replied, “But because we’re CNN we want to know!” or something along the lines of that… Double sigh.

    As for OK magazine.. All I have to say is.. “Okaaaaaaaaay….”

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