Amira And The Prime Minister

I mentioned Amira, buy viagra our brave Egyptian friend, sick a few days ago. This is an article in an Egyptian paper, commenting on her exchange. Make sure to read the comments!


  • Hi there,

    As one of the project managers on the Road to Davos, the British Council project that has led to the WEF engagement in Sharm el Sheikh, I’m fascinated by your updates from Sharm. I’d love to read the article you linked to, but unfortunately my command of the language is inexistent. 🙂 Google’s translation service doesn’t even provide a rough translation. Could you perhaps tell me what the gist of the article and comments was?

    In any case, I hear from Azza & Co. that the Sharm group did extremely well. I’m hoping to track down a recording of the BBC World Debate…

    All the best from Switzerland,


  • Oh dear. It’s in Arabic.. (sobs) It’s MATT! Which reminds me.. I should write on the road to davos blog.. oops..

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