Shut Up And Take It!

Jordanian security arrested three activists for distributing leaflets calling for a general strike to protest food prices and government policies that fail to help the poor, help there activists said on Sunday.

Khalid Kalaldeh, click find head of the leftist “Social Jordanian Movement”, told Reuters the arrests took place on Saturday when members of his small group handed out leaflets as part of a nationwide campaign. [source]

I think Jordan should just outlaw complaining.

I wonder if you need a license for an online protest?

Second Life anyone?


  • “I wonder if you need a license for an online protest?

    Second Life anyone?”

    —-> second life? useless.. they’ll gettcha, somehow!

  • Awesome! I’d really like to see more arrests happening in the aftermath of this failed strike and others like it in the future. It is only when Jordanian people are pushed to the edge that they react. Maybe that’ll sober us up.

  • In a bitter way, this is kinda good news!! Having them arrested, the government implicitly admitted they can make a difference if not shut down! Maybe this can deliver a message, a positive one of course, to the silent, majority of people here..

  • HAHAHA Naseem. A Second life protest would be AMAZING I betcha.

    But all the people in it will look hot and stuff …. LOL … And then you have to create police because it won’t be fun without ANY resistance…You know, arrest a couple of people, and then a bunch would go and break into the jail , and ……

    Never mind my rambling. Carry on.

  • You did read khalf’s post about yarmouk university? Exactly after the kings visit where he stated to the youth: Speak up and I will have your back, the administration called off a lecture to be given by someone from thaba7toona.

    Irony is becoming the norm.

  • I just what to know what do our political system and internal security differ from china or Saudi Arabia what kind of democratic system prohibits a strike!!!! it is just s a damn f****G strike and they talk about parties, it is just the same like the days before 1989 there is no difference
    And trust me naseem if your blog readers increase to a significant number you’re gonna get in trouble sooner or later or they’ll talk you out of it as with most influential writers in our country who suddenly become puppets to the system man i really believe that one day these times are going to be called in history books as our dark ages!!!

  • Guys – let’s look at the bigger picture here. Sure, we have every right to complain/express our anger so long that it does not disrupt the peace. Handing out leaflets is great, organising a march is fine, but seriously, how would you know that a march won’t turn violent?

    Now looking at this issue specifically (food prices) there is really not much that our government can do. It’s a global issue. Weak dollar, growing worldwide population, use of crops for biofuels and finally speculative traders sitting in global investment banks looking for a safe(r) asset to put the money. The government can try to use some sort of subsidies but there is only so much they can do, our deficit is huge. I guess there’s some small short-term initiatives that they can do, but that’s all it would be: short-term.

    This is a global issue, and if not solved soon people handing out leaflets would be the least of the govs’ problems.

  • the government needs to find an income other than subsidies and taxes, this is the bottom line. it needs to be able to compete in salaries and quality of output with the private sector at some point to protect the citizens and deal with open markets without getting people controlled by sects that have the money or the big corporations. all this infra structure being built is for who ?? isnt this a sign that there are more people coming? are we prepared and can we truly handle it? if the government wants maintain a balance, it needs to use its employees at 100% capacity in order to produce something and give them horizontal raise. it needs to fight corruption which is eating the treasury money through public tenders, the subsidies money will evaporate eventually with moeny spent on infra structure, there is no production from what i see for remarkable control for private market, with more people coming in, with the current food and cost of living and gas prices, do you think child labor will decrease? do you think the poor will send their kids to school? uneducated people will always have salaries below 200JDs and investors will make more revenues on lesser costs. higher pay will require higher education, higher education will cost money, unions do not function, there is NOTHING to protect the people. do you know that the latest rumor is that Jordan University got sold. i very truly pray that its not true.

    the end point, what the future looks like goes like if you wanna do it the traditional way, you will end up in debt no matter what for the rest of your life. no one will do without a bank loan which is exactly what they want. enslaved for the rest of your life w m7amleenak jmeeleh for the quality of life and the modern life you are provided.

  • I read this recently and think it adequately summarizes Jordan’s laws.

    “There is freedom of expression, but no freedom after expression.”

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