Another Kind Of Green: Getting Away From Amman

Don’t get me wrong. I love Amman. But there are times when this city induces claustrophobia and therein lies the urge to get out in search of greener pastures. Luckily it’s spring time. So all you really need is some tea in a thermos, a camera, a tank full of gas, and a willingness to drive as far away from the rumbling of this metropolitan machine and into the arms of Jordan…


  • Luna: thanks 🙂

    Mohanned: close. it in al-zera3a, just east (i think) of ajloun

    Qwaider: thanks

    Secratea: hmm, i think it was a horse. i tried throwing stones at it so it could lift its head by these things have no sense for photography.

  • I just wish our Spring weekends were a little less hazy and dusty this year. My camera hasn’t been enjoying the sights it is used to. 😛

  • Claustrophobia is right! This weekend I reached the apex of my inability to tolerate being in the city 24/7, and when I do go out, only going from house to house, and only having a Friday off to do so. I need to go someplace; my traveling boots (a.k.a. New Balance five-year old sneakers) are calling my name. Thanks for the catalyst!

  • Za3tar, ola: thanks!

    Dave: tell me about it….im thinking of turning eye-rubbing into an olympic sport

    UmmFarouq: you should always answer the call of old New Balance shoes.

  • Thanks for posting this, I think life in Amman has become so hectic and stressful, and we do live in a stone city with no parks and trees, I love going outside, it refreshes my senses

  • Hello! Nice blog…I stumbled over this as I googled Another Kind of Green__one of my most favorite John Mayer songs. AND, Amman caught my eye as well! I used to live there…lovely photos! It is a beautiful country…

  • Fantastic pictures buddy,
    Really really nice,
    Does the Khamsin effect (fifty in arabic) only happen in Amman?

    I should make a blog about visiting the UK countryside where I come from for you all.

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