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6 thoughts on “Verbatim | Unconvincing Rendition

  1. I think when you read the actual report, and see that it also cites UN reports that had the same conclusion and where the UN account was exactly the opposite of what Judeh said about openness, you quickly realize that you should take everything that he says with a grain of salt.

    From the report:

    These men’s claims are supported by the findings of UN envoys and international organizations. In 2006, after carrying out a visit to Jordan, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture issued a report concluding that: “The practice of torture is widespread in Jordan, and in some places routine, [including] the General Intelligence Directorate (GID).” Although the Special Rapporteur was denied access to interview prisoners held in GID detention in Amman, he cited credible and consistent allegations that torture was used at GID headquarters “to extract confessions and obtain intelligence in pursuit of counter-terrorism and national security objectives.”17 Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported similar findings.18

    But you know what: I, as a Jordanian, don’t need either the UN or the Human Rights Watch group to know that torture is used in Jordan, because I have seen Jordanians who will kill their own family members for as stupid a reason as talking to a stranger. I have seen Jordanian “men” take commissions on deals that were paid for by their own parents (stealing from their own parents).

    But I guess Judeh and the administration he speaks for don’t care about what Jordanians know. It’s ok if Jordanians know about torture; of course, it’s already OK for them to experience it. But they do care if the outside world knows about our dirty little secrets.

Your Two Piasters: Lisinopril Viagra Online