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10 thoughts on “Queen Rania Responds To YouTube Feedback Thus Far

  1. the Hashemites has always been the most progressive family that ruled in the Arab world from the times of Al sharif Hussein and his Sons till these times, I mean where in the arab world would you find a ruling family in any arab country that would try and participate with such openness to the world.
    And it always intrigues how would the arab world look t if the hashemite family still ruled in iraq and were never massacred?.
    I mean look at what they did in Jordan which in my opinion is a country that would cripple any leader trying to pull it forward in terms of its poor natural resources and internal wealth.. but they still managed to put jordan on the world map and they’re trying their best.

  2. I think that her majestie’s response was overly general and sarcastic in nature–a bad move on her majestie’s side. I hope future responses are more informative

    I think you have to bear in mind that this is not just a person who posts videos on YouTube taken by his or her web cam at home. There is more than the Queen herself involved in this campaign.

    I think we should give this thing a chance, and wait for more videos to come and hope that we will actually see some difficult questions answered honestly.

  3. Hi people… Nas why do you think she is sarcastic in her first video?
    I think Her Majesty had a good initiative. It is nothing more than a step to break the stereotypes between West and East and I honestly think the stereotypes will never die for both the sides… but in my opinion is a good initiative. Also because she is a queen, an Arab and Muslim leader’s wife and a leader herself… None Arab and Muslim leader took a decision like be4 (at the least I belive so).
    Bye, from Italy. 🙂

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