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30 thoughts on “Prince Hamzah Hospital | A Photo Essay

  1. GOOD GOD!!!!!!

    It’s totally hopeless. no accountability. no responsibility. the minister of health just go around pontificating about reforms and all the progress made. and it’s all total bullshit. ****ing bullshit. people got rich bulding the hospital and that’s where government interest in Hamza hospital stops. money money money. now that the hospital needs money, it’s no longer an interesting project. time to privitize the hospital so they can make more money.

    **** THE RETARDS!! they hang 1 JD flag and shout JORDAN FIRST and that’s suppose to make them good Jordanians.

    where is the independent press? where is the independent media? ****ing retards. they just want to be invited to free lunches and receptions.

    author’s note: profanity was edited

  2. They’re all the same dear. Carelessness and irresponsibility are a common theme in ALL public hospitals. Al-basheer is nothing better, Zarka’s public hospital (Al-7aouz) is much worse. You don’t even wanna know about Al-salt’s or Al-mafraq’s, they’re simply DISASTERS!

  3. Good times! I wonder if the countries that give aid to the health sector can see those pictures..
    Khalil atteyeh’s company(his father company as he once said) is the one who built the hospital. I would also like to remind you that by the end of last year the five opertations rooms were flooded with sewage…

    Good stuff indeed..

  4. I also understand that the sewer pipes went over the top of the operating rooms and that is why the sewage flooded into them. Honestly, how can plans be passed with such fundamental errors in them? I think that not only should the Ministry of Health take responsibility but patients should also treat their rooms with respect. T

  5. Salaam ‘Alaikum

    Jordan First? Where is the dignity for the Jordanian who is unfortunate enough to stay in this hospital, or Basheer, or any public hospital? How about human beings first? This is disgusting. This is disgusting. This is disgusting.

  6. muhannad, the more important question is do we know how deep the rabbit-hole goes? there are front men for every grand act of corruption. these are the visible men who take the fall when the shit hits the fan. but who got the kickbacks and who blessed the bid and who got the bigger slice. and who stood silent while things got worse and worse and was rewarded for not complaining to the media about shortages and about people getting hired based on connections. it would be easy to blame the bricklayer.

  7. I read all but most of all was laughing too much when I red “where is the independent press? where is the independent media?

    Why do you think ATV project is on hold more than 2 years now.

    Who want independent press?

    Who want independent media?

    I bet…, this is why we can’t afford it my friends.

  8. You know what i think is sad, it’s sad that Prince Hamza hospital is the only one getting the attention. I understand it’s getting the most attention because it’s Bran new and cost a bagillion dollars, but the other hospitals are in no better shape!

    I was in a rural area had I to escort a friend who fell of a horse and she had to go to the ICU and oh my God how awful was it, I have never in my life seen an ICU with a bathroom that was so dirty. The room was a free for all and dirty. AWFUL .

    I think there should be focus on ALL hospitals.

    It’s hopeless though 🙁

  9. Mohanned

    I think you’re right about the number being wrong. If a decent patient to nurse ration is 4:1 you would need 100 nurses for 400 patients, assuming the hospital is operating at full capacity. Let’s be overly generous and add in a 100 doctors specialists surgeons (Mayo clinic la2enno). 100 cleaning and maintenance, 100 management, clerical and support staff , 100 to get water min el nab3a, 100 yedoggo el ko7el l 3yoon el patients…i’m up to 600

    On topic here’s an interesting map of the world
    Buying Viagra With Paypal

  10. very sad 🙁
    I’ve never had to go to a public hospital & I thank Allah every single day for this gift.
    A recent story I heard was from a lady who had to stay at Al-Basheer hospital with her 10 year old daughter. The little girl was admitted for an emergency appendix operation. The poor lady had to sleep ON THE FLOOR for 2 nights as there were no extra beds or chairs in the room (which had 12 patients). There was one plastic chair available but of course the person who got hold of it first wouldn’t let go of it. In the same room there was a dying man, a 3 year old with severe burns and a kidney patient. Oh, and there were no curtains around the beds!!!!!

  11. mona, this is not to be generalized, things vary from 1 hospital to another.

    Honestly speaking, King Abdulla 1st hospital at JUST is much more better, neat, and well managed than most of amman’s expensive high-class hospitals.

    Its all a matter of management, and those who put the managers in their places of course

  12. We were under the impression that a certain Hospital was a decent hospital with a good reputation, and that is why my dad had a surgery performed there last month. Ill tell you something by the time we were ready to leave my mom was in tears in frustration, we did not even want to get the medications prescribed to him and we had met with more than 5 officials from the Hospital trying to show them how disastrous that establishment is. Where do I begin ,
    1- lets start from the end, it took them 5 hours to clear my dad out to leave the hospital, a sick man who can barely walk had to sit in the lobby for 3 hours until they did their damn paperwork.
    2- They took him to the dialysis section and after he finished his session he was forgotten for 1 hour until i barged into the section and demanded they get him a wheelchair back to his room where can rest
    3- he felt cold so he asked for a cover they got him WET SHEETS!!!! because they ran out of clean ones so they just pulled some out from laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    4- Doctors prescribed meals and medication not received as scheduled and sometimes not at all!!!
    5- he is entitled for 1st class rooms but the first class rooms are always taken, we spent 1 week in the hospital and we saw some 1st class rooms made available but only to foreigners who pay in cash rather than Jordanians who use health insurance…talk about your prioritize…blood suckers…..
    6- a doctor refused to get paid through health insurance and asked for his payment in cash, the hospital gladly billed us accordingly…..so we cant count on blood suckers to protect us from fellow blood suckers
    7- the ultimate joke was when i found out that the hospital was preparing for international certification at the same time, they had notices all over the place reminding their employees of certain questions the auditors might ask, and a countdown to the big day, what a joke, if that hospital gets certified i will lose my mind, the tragedy is that the hospital has many local accolades and certificates…says something about the viability of those certificates….this assessment does not come from a naive observer my mom worked in the hospital management field and has over 40 years experience in the field….so when she talked to the management they asked her to consult them….but after she broke down in tears on her way out i doubt she would ever want to hear from them again

  13. Salam,
    I was caught in the airport with a fever. they thought i had swinr even i had no through up or any symptoms . I got and my temperture went down to 36.5 degrees C . In the emergency room the doctor did a check up and hes like why are you here ? I was like i dont know the guys at the airport are crazy they were smoking in the room. They did 2 tests and they came out negative. and they were like we gotta keep u hear for 5 more days just to double check. they were smoking in the hospital and it was soo dirty

  14. …………………… why wouldnt we do something about it, with no offense to anyone..!!
    how easy it is to protest and ask to close the hospital….just because you saw few picture, that are a fact in any other hospital…doesnt mean this hospital is not giving really much help to lot lot people that needs it……sometimes its because lot people go there that workers cant afford doing everything at the same time….the bucket of needles….well it can get full just in an hour…….the toilet…a patient or any of us can get to such situation…we should be clean ourselfs too..but whatever!!!… im sorry man if u didnt have the right moment to get into the toilet..!!!
    GUYS people dont pay anything there to get help…government cant afford u first class service too…!!! so if u dont like it..just go somewhere else ….n need too protest coz lot others like this hospital really very much!

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