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14 thoughts on “Jordan’s National Housing Initiative: The Economics Of A Decent Living

  1. It seems like it would be more sustainable for the government to build some nice apartment buildings for people to live in, since that should cost the government less per unit and they would then be able to deliver water, gas, and electricity more efficiently. With lower costs, one hopes, they would be able to build more of them.

  2. Thanks NAS for writing about this project. I was amazed when I read about it in the paper about a year ago. And now it’s real. Definitely something that’s much needed. It’s great that the government has taken such a large initiative. I hope somehow this can mean a new beginning for some people and I hope that somehow employment picks up. I really don’t know how people at that level of poverty are coping with the inflation.

  3. One more thing naseem, I think that the seven billion dollar figure includes the land(Which I may assume is what they refer to as makroma). So you give the land for free, and then see how much its worth and you get an inflated figure such as the one we have now. But before I make any judgments we need to see how the plan will work? Who is paying what? Who is going to pay for building the houses and on what basis are they investing in such initiative? What about the costs of schools, security, fire departments? Are those people going to pay taxes on their new houses (dareebet mosaqafat)? How much will it cost to maintainn those new cities and who will pay for it?What about the management of the mortgages? What if someone got fired and couldn’t pay? Will they be evicted or the house will become a makromeh? What about the money they paid through the years? will it be considered rent? Can we trust all people?

    Oh god, I can go on for 2 straight days!

    But I will leave it there..Oh before I forget, who is going to ensure that safety standards are being met?

  4. Mohannad, I think the land remains owned by the government.

    Also, according to the Jordan Times report, tenants can’t sell the units or lease them, which I think means it ends up being closer to rent than owning.

  5. Batir,
    I am curious, do you know any of the details of the plan? Who is the executing company? And what are the future plans for those communities? Does the figure include the lands worth? Many questions need to be answered before we can jump on the bandwagon of praising the project. Is the saudi king involved? How much aid will he give?

  6. It’s agood intention I suppose.. this has been done in UK for the asylums and refugees.. and in UK they ar enot paying anything, not even the rent.. but ofcourse however the maintenance of houses and the surrounding area is supported by the UK govmnt.

    As usual these refugees are mostly muslims, and sometimes they misused this benefit by renting it to other ppl.. sometimes they let ppl rent with them or they totally let the whole house.

    The drawback is that, people will feel more lazy to find a good job.. or they just continue becoming jobless… this will create problems between couples.. as the husband will not carry the responsibility. The situation here in UK is, each of the head in a refugee family will get some pocket money from the govmnt. And this money will be given to the head of the family (the husband). This husband will then spend only lil bit for food, and save the rest of the money for his own leisure (goin to coffe shop with friends, buy expensive soccer shoes, etc..), and more ironic is, getting a second wife.

    I hope this idea will not worsen the society…

  7. Mohannad, the companies are not still known as a call for bids will be issued. Of course you can expect the big cats to win such tenders when they are givin inside information about the “proper” price to submit. The total figure will include the cost of land (estimated cost) as an in-kind contribution from the government. The housing complex should include all the necessary services including open spaces and “harmony” in population to make sure that the community is not “an isolated island” from its surroundings. The King Fahd initiative will cover the housing project in Zarqa which is almost 35% of the total magnitude of the national project. It is a fantastic idea, but as usual be sure that the corrupted elite will try to siphon money to their own pockets.

  8. Jordanian, the best part of this project is not allowing tenants (owners) to sell or lease since this will make it a business and not a housing project for the less privilaged.

    I agree, but I just wanted to make the point that this is not the government giving houses away. It’s just the government helping put a decent roof over people’s heads for an affordable monthly cost.

    I wonder though if there are stipulations for if a family decides to purchase the unit in the future if it can afford to. I think it might be a good idea. It’s better to help people own a home than to simply help them rent one. In that case, would the past payments the family made before it decided to purchase the unit (or another unit for that matter) count towards the purchase? I think it would be fair for them to count in some way.

  9. The target portion for the housing unit’s project is a level of people, who are in a real need for a house to live in,

    Where were the persons who comments negatively discussing and trying to create disadvantages of this project when the poor Jordanians were homeless? In addition, what have they done for them?

    Many thanks and appreciations to his Majesty King Abdulla our king of Jordan who proved to the world that he cares about his people’s smallest needs and how to solve there problems.

    Jordan is a small country with big dreams while big dreams start with small steps.

    One behalf of my self and all clean Jordanians, we are ready any moment to spend our lives for Jordan and our king.

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