Aqaba Taxis Go Green

No, they’re not turning them into hybrids or any thing environmentally friendly. It’s not that kind of “green”. Public buses and taxis in Aqaba are all being painted green to symbolize the “uniqueness” of the city. Now even though it’s my favorite color, when I think of Aqaba I don’t really think of green. Red, maybe blue or my absolute favorite: neon fuschia. But not green. In any case, I thought this was a bit ironic:

Aqaba cabby Nasser Mousa, who ferries passengers to other cities such as Maan and Karak, said: “Last week, traffic police stopped me on the way to Maan and issued me a ticket for changing the car’s colour.”

I find this all a bit too metaphorical for Jordan: whitewashing the larger problems.

[via: Jordan Times]


  • My first thought from the title was that it was SOFEX trickle-down or something, camo-green to make tourists feel safe and protected. 🙂

  • The color is Fugly.

    Well, they are by the sea so why not go with blue mathalan? Or the color of the sand, lol.

    Man I don’t know why I find this funny.

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