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One thought on “Review | Counting Crows’ Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

  1. Adam Duritz, I think, always delivers. I was left with no choice but to hit the “Repeat All” button on my iPod after Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings finished, determined to hear his lyrics again and see what genius tidbits he’d created this time. From the first song, we have the profound, “I am the king of everything…I am the king of nothing!” and the “What are you gonna say about me now?” “I am a Russian Jew American impersonating African Jamaican…”

    The self-deprecating but societally relative “1492,” the beautiful but disturbingly honest “Hanging Tree,” the “Anna Begins” type lament, “Insignificant,” and the damagingly raw “Cowboys” are standouts.

    As always though, it’s not just Duritz’ lyrics that impress. The musicianship and artistry of the multiple instruments, the various horns and the ever-present piano don’t miss a single note. It’s nice to find a record that still mixes lyricism with instrumentation and does it well. There are no synthesizers and voice-modulators here.

    Overall, the album sounds like a familiar friend. I feel like I’ve heard tones of it before in other Crows albums, but the welcome revisit is long overdue. We missed you guys.

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