Jordanian Tourist Shooter Charged With Terrorism

The man who stabbed the German tourist a few weeks back has been charged by a military court with committing a “terrorist act”, click sales drugstore after earlier being passed off as a mentally deranged person with no terrorist intentions by the Interior Minister. The charge has to be approved by the attorney general and it probably will be.

…Mohammed Mahdi Barham stabbed a 63-year-old German tourist as he walked with his wife near the al-Husseini mosque in downtown Amman on March 14. The man, here whom police did not identify, was wounded but later released from a local hospital in stable condition.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said Barham was charged Sunday with “carrying out a terrorist attack.”

Initially, the Interior Ministry had discounted the incident as terror-related, but changed their views after arresting the 34-year-old Barham who sports the long beard and political ideology of an Islamist. [source]


“The motives behind the attack have links with the incidents in the Gaza Strip,” security sources said on Sunday without elaborating. [source]

I suppose this begs a revisitation of how we define terrorism, especially with this case being very similar to an earlier one in 2006.

Moral of the story is: you should shave if your planning on shooting a foreigner.


  • I would deduce that if you have a long beard and are Islamist and you kill someone, you are a terrorist. Everyone else is a murderer. 😛

  • Haha that is funny, how about we start taking showers since the summer is already here in Jordan.
    But seriously we need to define terrorisim, if the attacker is mentaly sick and doesnt realize and understand his crime, how can he be a terrorist?

  • This is complex , I mean we tend to sympathize with the human side here .
    But as political and cold , I think this man should’ve never got what he was sentenced as.
    by the way , I love your article on ” how we define Terrorism ” . It’s well written and offers a fresh and mono sided perspective.

  • well i consider it a terrorism attack, but that dosent mean that he belongs to any terrorest gruops,
    he admitted his action was practiced based on political views,
    he coweredly attacked a deffensless man and women just because they are forigners
    he caused terror to the couple and the people who was there when the incident happened (altohgt many who was there shares his same political view about the incidents in the Gaza Strip)

    its a terrorism attack that should not be taken slightly, thats how it all starts

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