The Sky Has Fallen: More Jordanian Media Atrocities

Read this, and this, in addition to this if you’ve missed it.

When HM King Abdullah said some time ago that “the sky is the limit” when it comes to press freedoms, I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

What more can I say?



  • Why don’t we start with changing the legal structure and then worry about the mind set? Coz you can’t demand people to change their mind set while the laws allow for punishment.The irony is that some od those journalists are more governmental than the government itself!

  • hmmm, does that mean the freedom of speech limit was high and only recently has been falling?

    I am trying hardly to recall when the freedom of expression for journalism was a reality rather than a media propaganda? i dont think i ever witnessed this. The law used today is the same temporary law that was issued in the two years of unjustified yet absence for the parliament few years ago. so whats new? was not this law used a year or more ago against the two journalists that published the offensive danish cartoons ( and at that point the IAF welcomed using it while they were criticizing just few days before !!)

    I can not get why everyone is still living in denial, some are being astonished, disappointed, shocked and objecting for how things have become. as if it was not always the same; yes things are worse today than yesterday, thats very accurate when we are talking about economical issues but when it comes to freedom of press and political life in Jordan things are not changing, we are still in the same state of day in day out play. and i don’t get how many smart young writers, bloggers and activities still argue and rant over the loss of something we didn’t have anyway.!!

  • i have to admit though, with every passing day i double check what i write online more and more in a very threatening way. i dont want to say something that might be used against me or people allowing me to write on their blogs, sites while i dont mean it. :s

  • Laila, there is no denial, it is simply expressing disappointment coz you hear the head of the state saying one thing, and the people on the ground(i.e. the government0 enforcing exactly the opposite.

    bottom line is that disappointment is different from denial.

  • Laila, I second mohanned in his conclusion here: there is no denial, at least not on my part, simply massive disappointment regarding what is promised and what is delivered. so in other words, its not a rant about losing something we never had, but the lack of progress in this journey; in fact, the regression to be more accurate.

  • At this rate, I expect to see a few more “Fouad stories” coming from Jordan in the near future.

    As for the government’s actions contradicting the king’s words, this happens more than I would like. If I were king, I would be embarrassed.

  • This seriously pisses me off, press freedom 2al. Hypocrites. Theyre no different from the assailants who slashed Jamil Nimri in the face, both are using scare tactics to silence them. I hope the king will pay attention to this as he did to Nimri’s case. But I wonder what Abdul-Hadi Raji al-Majali wrote, because his articles are more comic than serious.

  • Yes Dave and Farah, sadly so, and for the court to use “contempt of court” as an excuse to slash these journalist is totally absurd……..

  • يا جماعه ،الحل الوحيد في الوقت الحاضر، قاطعوا هذه الجرايد الهزيله ودهبوا الي الانترنت زي ما بعمل أخوكم عوض الكندرجي،من يوم ما أبني أشتري الكمبيوتر وانا نازل ليل نهار علي الانترنت،بقراء أشياء عن الحكومه ،ولوواحد صحفي في الأردن بكتب في صحيفه اردنيه لعدموا ثاني يوم…خليهم يحطوا كل القوانين التعسفيه مش راح يفدهم أشئ…يعيش الانترنت يعيش…

  • Thanks for posting the link, i was lookign the past 2 days for some media coverage, but im not sure who are the ones that were detained, is it true that Abdel Hadi Majali was inprisoned?

  • I don’t think Majali has been imprisonmed as he is still writing for Al Rai … he also denied claims that he posts anything on the Internet a few days ago :

    I guess that is one of the worst effects with regards to restrictions on the press… not being able to report a story fully affects the accuracy of the coverage, because the journalist would be reluctant to call and investigate…

    I am guessing that is what happened with the Al ghad reporter…?

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