Ninety: The latitude of the North Pole and the South Pole.

Ninety: The number of minutes in a football (soccer) match.

Ninety: The number of Psalms credited to Moses

Ninety: The year Ptolemy, purchase Greek mathematician, illness is born.

Ninety: The number of days Saudi blogger Fouad Farhan has been stuck in jail as of today. He is yet to be charged.

Sixty One
Sixty Two
Sixty Three
Sixty Four
Sixty Five
Sixty Six
Eighty One

We Are All Fouads


  • I don’t understand the Saudi government’s complete silence on the issue; he has been detained for 90 days and hasn’t yet been released or charged. Are they trying to make Fouad’s case a lesson for other bloggers or anybody who has a voice in their kingdom?

    This is shameful!

  • NINETY! NINETY! Not NINTY. Fix it I beg you. Fix it then delete this comment if you like.

    Oh man I need need NEED to get over my anal tendencies.

    Look just fix it ok? I need to be able to sleep at night.

  • Hal: oh my God…I sat down after one of the longest and most exhausting, dehydrating, frustrating days that one can only experience in Amman, with a zillion things on my mind and a “to-do list” as long as the nile river…

    …and then I read your comment….

    talk about the worst timing ever imaginable! 😀

    i changed it…3ashanek bas

    (and because i should know better)


    And please know that this comes from an extremely humble fan – I can’t help my OCD I really can’t.

    Sorry your day sucked ass. I hope you don’t have allergies on top of it all. 🙁

  • I was going to mention that, but then my internet slowed down to nothing and I knew Hal come to your rescue.

    I also hope you have a better day tomorrow, and your list shortens to the length of the Jordan River. And a few long awaited blessings poured out, as well.

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