Playlist | Early Spring

I haven’t posted a playlist in a while so here’s a lengthy one that includes all the music I’ve been listening to in the past couple of weeks. In addition to Jack Johnson’s Sleep Through The Static and the bowl-full of awesomeness that is the Once soundtrack (Falling Slowly, When Your Minds Made Up, Say It To Me), I’ve also been listening to the August Rush soundtrack.

August Rush is about that prodigy orphan kid (Freddie Highmore) who is on a fantasy search for his own musical parents. It’s Oliver Twist meets Mozart. Guitars and cellos are heavenly when they conspire in the way they do here. “This Time” was an Oscar nominated song (lost out to Once’s Falling Slowly), while the rest of the album, save for tracks by John Legend and the likes, is more of a score for the film that is all about music. You get everything from “Dueling Guitars” that is exactly what its name implies, and ultimate classical/rock tracks like “Bach/Break” and “August’s Rhapsody”. It’s a feel good family-friendly film that comes alive through this soundtrack. So definitely check this one out.

By the way, if you do watch the film and are amazed by the guitar playing of the young Freddie Highmore, those are actually the quick and talented hands of guitar god Kaki King doing all the playing. If you’ve never heard (or seen) her play, then you have to check out her video for playing with pink noise just to get a feel of what she’s capable of doing with this instrument!

My B-Sides:

The Finish Line – Snow Patrol
A Message – Coldplay
Broken – Lifehouse
Love Song – Sara Bareilles
Who Knew – Pink
Feels Like Tonight – Daughtry
Push (acoustic) – Matchbox 20


Your Two Piasters: