Verbatim | Olmert Threatens Peace

Probably in response to Abbas’ decision to break off contact with Israel, but I found this incredibly ironic, but you be the judge…

“Absence of negotiations would lead to a ‘Gazaization’ of the West Bank, and anyone who can’t see this is lying to himself,” – Prime Minister Olmert. March 3, 2008. [source]


  • The arab decision making system reclined to the peace approach to solve the palestinian problem, and I believe that this is the way to do it. Unfortunately we have no effective strategies, good media, and public participation.

    On the other hand, the Israeli public is closer then ever to consider peace seriously as the only solution for their survival. Especially that winning all the conventional wars, or the guirella warfare in Lebanon and Gaza did not bring them any peace.

    Zionism is supposed to be smart and highly adjustible.

    Olmert slaughtered Abbas when he said that peace talks gave cover to the attack on Gaza. Israel would look bad if the army had an operation with no political cover as the peace talks.

    I believe that Israel wants to conclude some major steps before it gives in to the final solution.. In a way they see it controllable if after 10 or 100 years something went wrong.

  • When all surveys show the majority of Israeli people are closer than ever to realize that peace is their only way out of conflict, the cabinet and the Zionist master minds are not ready yet. They accepted the fact, but not ready to implement. They need to finish some projects that -in their opinion- will guarantee security on mid and long terms in case a problem occurred from noisy arabs.

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