Honoring Thy Sister

Every honor crime story has something unique about it…

The suspect, store stuff who was not identified by officials, viagra 60mg reportedly stabbed his 26-year-old sister seven times in the stomach on Tuesday, pill shortly after signing a guarantee that he would not harm his sibling who was in protective custody, the source said. Immediately after the incident, he went to a nearby police station, handed on-duty officers the knife he reportedly used in the incident and informed them that he killed his sister for reasons related to family honour, the source added.

When police reached the suspect’s house they discovered that his sister was still alive, so they rushed her to a nearby hospital where she underwent several operations and is listed in fair condition, according to the source. The woman was held in protective custody in prison on adultery charges and the suspect visited the administrative governor to secure her release, the source said adding that he reportedly signed a JD5,000 guarantee that he would not harm his sister, but stabbed her the minute they reached home. [source]


  • I’m gonna guess she’ll remain in protective custody for a couple of years and then our honorable judges will release her back to her family.

    It won’t be surprising if when they do that, they have her brother sign a guarantee that he’ll use a gun instead of a knife to make sure it’s over.

  • Honor killing is a cultural practice not an islamic practice, murderers of females use Islam to justify honor killing, in jordan Part of article 340 of the Penal Code states that “he who discovers his wife or one of his female relatives committing adultery and kills, wounds, or injures one of them, is exempted from any penalty.” This has twice been put forward for cancellation by the government, but was retained by the Lower House of the Parliament.
    Although largely a feature of the Christian communities, Christians living within parts of Africa and the Near East, carry out the crime.Comments about honor killings can be found in the Bible:

    “And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death. ”

    “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him. ”

    Honor killing is a complicated issue that cuts deep into our society ,and It’s difficult to get precise numbers on this phenomenon. Jordanian authorities must take the necessary steps to end impunity for honor killings and to raise awareness of violence against jordanian women.

  • “In the meantime, the source said Abu Zeid ordered the suspect detained for 15 days pending further investigations into the case.”

    HUHHHH?????? So if the “further investigations” take longer than 15 days he will be released until the conclusion of the so called “further investigations” eventhough he clearly confessed?????

  • So, he allegedly is punishing his sister for soiling the family honor, but he chooses not to honor the signed contract that he made with the court (a promise) not to harm her. MashAllah. Another case of “I am exempt from the rules because I am me” phenomenon. We see it played out in the roads and in ‘lines’ for service everywhere in town. Someone is always more important than the rules. May Allah help us.

  • So I’m going to take a stab at this one (bad pun intended) and assume that the suspect will neither serve any jail time nor be required to pay the 5,000JD fine.

  • Laith, you are quoting from the Jewish scriptures that Christians rever as God’s word but feel Jesus’ commands supercede. If you check with the Family Protection Unit, the last ‘Christian’ honor killing in Jordan is beyond the memory of anyone working there. Please don’t say in one sentence that it is just a cultural practice for Muslims than give false scriptural justification for Christians in the next.

    The rest of what you say, I wholeheartedly agree with.

    Muslim and Christian men in represented leadership rid the country of this stain.

  • “he reportedly signed a JD5,000 guarantee that he would not harm his sister, but stabbed her the minute they reached home.” … Seriously, this BRIGHT administrative governor thought that this man’s “HONOR” will be cleansed by signing a piece of paper, ohhh I forgot, w a JD5,000 as a guarantee?.. hmmmm…!!!

  • Hamza… she won’t be sent back to protective custody for just two years… some women spend 10 or 15 years, and their families just pretend that they’re dead. An NGO for human rights called Mizan is working on a project called “New Start”… to try and help those women who are in protective custody to get out of prison and have a new chance to live a normal life. They try to get them back to their families through mediation, it doesn’t always work.

    We have cases of women dying in the name of honor, but the sad part is the forgotten victims who do not die but end up spending their life in jail while the person who is pausing the threat is out and free.

  • Here’s an interesting proposal: in malicious and pre-meditated cases such as this, why not institute the “eye for an eye” policy? I bet this idiot would think twice if he knew that he would be stabbed 7 times in the stomach by the authorities after turning himself in.

  • unbelievable. simply insane. what i don’t understand seriously, is that asides from like the disapproval you see on the comments here, no one else in the country seems to give a shit… even the Jordan times article is very… complacent… as if, oh, yet another honor killing story. i’m a journalist, don’t get me wrong i don’t think that newspaper articles should editorialize, but its just… really upsetting to see how the authorities don’t take any extreme measures for a guy who seriously is obviously insane after breaking his “promise” twice. like what are they waiting for? seriously? i’m confused… i love Dave’s idea.

  • Maha, that is the problem…the guy is NOT insane, he did this in complete understanding of his ‘right’ and the consequences (or lack thereof). Rana Husseini, who usually reports on these crimes of shame, usually lets the horror of it speak for itself without adding any emotional extra.

    Actually, the value of a woman’s life and honor is deflating. My friend, who spent six years in jail for getting pregnant out of wedlock, had a 10,000JD bond out on her.

    I like Dave’s idea too. If one will commit archaic crimes, let’s go back to archaic punishment

  • @ laith al jazi
    “Although largely a feature of the Christian communities, Christians living within parts of Africa and the Near East, carry out the crime”
    if anything they are the only denomination of the three abrahamic religions that actually forgave an adultress
    while in jewish (its in the torah, & talmud) and islamic (it in the sunna based on torah) they stoned them. which is where they draw such practices. Anyways it is more of a cultural habit that draws upon legitimacy from religious texts.
    poor girl is all i can say, and so far nothing seems to be curbing this behavior. actually isn’t there a shelter for such cases to atleast protect them since jailing them for “protection” isn’t exactly actually …. effective ?

  • So he stabbed her twice and still didn’t kill her? They should add stupidity to his charges.
    Do we have an eye-for-an-eye policy in Jordan? This is the first time i hear about it

  • I loved this sentence in ALAA AL ASWANI LATEST NOVEL “Chicago” when Rafat tells Salah
    لم اعد اربط الشرف بالاعضاء التناسلية
    I mean the Japanese people commit suicide when someone fails his job or finds himself in a scandal because he lost his honor
    while some of our people are involved in corruption and steeling our country’s money which is the people money and nobody looses his honor that way its only the sexual part that is honor

  • @kinzi,I didn’t mean any disrespect or any prejudice,my bad,what i meant was ‘crimes of passion’ which include murder as a result of infidelity,such crimes are not encompassed within the umbrella of honor killing,or classified as an “honor killing”, but it’s the same crime under different circumstances.
    Actually Rana husseini,Jordanian journalist, has defied this social taboo, and was persistent in forcing this highly sensitive topic into the arena of public policy.
    However, more forceful action should have been taken earlier. …. to prevent such crimes.

  • This is very upsetting to read. The brother should be locked away somewhere because if you the capability to kill your own sister no matter what the situation is you are considered a threat to society. I just cannot understand how is Jordan suppose to move foward when we have these sexist pigs. They should not blame the girl and maybe look at the family dynamic maybe if these girls I like to look at them as victims where given families who prepared them to thrive in life and gave them confidence and self esteem they would be able to look at theimselves as strong women instead of objects for men to pollute. We need to stop these honor killings because a woman’s honor should be more than her virginity. The whole family structure in Jordan needs to be changed! Parents should stop hiring maids to care for their children. I never understood that, why do you need a maid when you leave work at 3pm. Besides the point we are talking about 26 year old grown woman and she should be able to make adult decisons. How about the guy who commits adultry does he get punished as well? Give me a break we need to move foward with the world!

  • Laith, there’s been a modification to the penal code regarding the matter of honour crimes. They used to be exempted, but not any more. Their penalties would be applied just as a crime murder yet the penalties are rather decreased. So no exemption any more for honour crimes…

  • Kinzi

    “the last ‘Christian’ honor killing in Jordan is beyond the memory of anyone working there. Please don’t say in one sentence that it is just a cultural practice for Muslims than give false scriptural justification for Christians in the next.”

    Just because they are never reported it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. I know for a fact of cases where Christian families have killed their own daughters, they don’t make a scene out of it, stabbing and going public with the story is not always the case. These loud and proud “i stabbed my whore relative” stories are just a fraction. Not all accidental “deaths” of females make the news.

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