The Black Iris Turns Three Years Old

This officially makes it the longest running blog on Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Street. So to celebrate, I will spare people any required reading or lengthy speeches this time around. Suffice to say, my third year of blogging was by far the coolest, as it was the first year spent on blogging about Jordan while IN Jordan. As for year four, well, blogging it will be as unpredictable as living it. Beware! My observations and commentaries will likely grow darker and more cynical as I relish in the chaos and mayhem that lies beneath our civil disguise. But that really all depends on whether there’ll be enough for me to rant about. Will the world get crazier? Is there unexplored potential for craziness?

While you think intensely about that, here is a short list of titles for posts I predict you might see on the Black Iris in the next 12 months. If you have any to add, feel free to join in on the wackiness. It’s a celebration!

Parliament approves legislation to never hold elections again.

City-state of Tafeela declares independence; pizza to be its national dish.

Saudi government bans the color purple.

Ralph Nader wins US election; President Bush chokes on a pretzel.

Qadaffi negotiates Middle East peace; state of “Israteen” becomes a reality.

On Falling Prices In Jordan.

Frozen Yogurt; Just a Fad?

Jordan Runs Nuclear Tests In The Red Sea.

How Holland Became An Islamic State.


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