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10 thoughts on “The Saudi Witch Project

  1. I completly understand what you are saying, and I agree with it 100%, but, you are asking for something that is just from and unjust and dictatorial system, thus giving it more power and ligitimization. Human rights groups should be able to create momentum and public opinion that drives change, but in the case of saudi arabia you would assume that the majority of the public would believe such superstitious baseless accusations. So the solution would be bringing such acts to the world stage where you unveil opression and human rights violations and we all know the power of image.

  2. The who ordeal of the sentence and trial of the poor lady is sad. However, we need to understand the Saudi people mentality in order to put this matter into prespecitve.

    90% of Saudis believe in “Seher”. The arabic translation of the english term “Black Magic”. It is mentioned in the Quran, and all muslims beleive some people can obtain certain powers that allows them to hurt others by establishing certain rleationships with demon. I know that the whole thing sound comical, but this issue plays a siginficant role into many Muslims Psyche. Add to it that alot Saudi are not well educated and cultured, and you can understand how such an incidint does’t attract much attention into a typical saudi mind. In fact, there are dozen other cases every year where “whitches” male or female are excuted , without much objection from anybody.

    It is extremely sad that in the 21st century, we still have to discuss stories like this.

  3. It’s beyond me how these “religious authorities” can use capital punishment on whatever case they deem necessary. Taking someone’s life is an exclusive right of God in Islam, and can only be used by humans in *very limited* circumstances after investigation, and after a complex process that discourages rash accusations and sentencing. I’ve never heard that witchcraft is a crime punishable by death in Islamic law. And in any case, how can you PROVE that someone actually is guilty of it?! If it takes FOUR witnesses of the *actual act* of intercourse deemed fornication or adultery for the accused to be given the Islamic sentence, then how can a “crime” that seems much less serious be proven so easily?! The Saudi authorities are by far some of the worst violators of Islamic law in our world today. It sickens me to the core.

  4. The Answer to all of the comments is the “WAHABI’S” it is the wahabi thought their ideology they destroyed islam funded extremists and extremist thought wasted all of the land wealth for nothing and put the people in the medieval times

  5. Have the men been examined by doctors (several countries) to determine that there is no physiological or pschycological cause of their impotence (performance or fertility) to rule out those possibilities before they take a life?

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