The rain. The thunder. The cold. The crying. The quiet. And a whole population mourning. I think the day King Hussein died is a day that is ingrained in my memory. The storm outside was unforgettable and somehow seemed fitting for the moment. I remember that Jordan was so quiet that every drop of rain outside resonated. Not a car on the road. Everyone was at home, glued to a television set. Just crowds and crowds of people at the medical city, standing in the quiet rain. Waiting. Praying.

Days before it happened, I remember everyone being cheerful when he flew the plane back to Jordan. I remember him praying on the runway. In the days to follow, I remember people just walking around in a daze. Sad, and unsure of how to return to a state of normalcy in a seemingly abnormal and dark atmosphere.

It’s strange when someone is weaved into the fabric of a country so delicately; it feels incomplete without him. Nearly a decade later, I think that loss is still felt today. And while I know I don’t have a history on the Black Iris of remembering this day, today, it just felt like a good time to remember.

God rest his soul.


  • He is missed for sure, allah yer7amo..Everything changed after him… Class A+ politician, father, and leader…It will never be the same after him..

  • Oh this is a sad read :_(

    He was a great leader with such a kind heart, Allah yer7amo.

    I still remember the day he passed away. I was in class and the news spread fast, so the parents were starting to drop by to pick up their kids and go home. My friend’s mother came to class and there were tears in her eyes. She did not even have to say anything, and everyone just started to cry. It was such an emotional moment for us even though we were still young. He was loved by everybody. I will never forget that day. He was simply great. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Though I’m totally not a big fan of him, I think he must be missed considering the current situation! and when looking at how things are being handled nowadays, you’ll miss him even more!

  • Omar, I don’t know if you can compare the situation at his time with the situation now, things now are much harder, people are much wilder, and knowing how to deal with all of that isn’t easy at all, the whole world changed after 9/11 and things wont be the same. I wouldn’t compare. Still i know he was very wise.

  • “I wouldn’t compare”
    You got that right, you wouldn’t compare, but others do compare, and their reasons to compare are more valid than yours.
    BTW you just sound like Julinani, throwing 9/11 there doesn’t make your argument credible.
    For your information also, Jordan was synonymous with king hussein.

  • Mohanned,

    1. What is Julinani?

    2. Who decides who’s arguments are more valid? you?

    3. discussing the 9/11 as an element that changed the region doesnt mean that I am blaming anyone, I am discussing the results and not the reasons. Ya in my eyes Jordan had to take some track because of the war on Iraq, which was facilitated to some extent by the 9/11 “bullshit”, this ended in some bad results in Jordan.

    4. What do you mean synonymous? you mean the people? the social life? the economical situation? I don’t know what do you mean.


  • 1-My bad, I meat Juliani, if you still don’t know him, google it.
    2-The facts on the ground, not me.
    3- “this ended in some bad results in Jordan.”, aha, see, I didn’t have to say anything, you said it.
    4-Do you need the definition of the word?If yes, the google again, if no, then it is all what you mentioned combined; he is the father of jordan, therefore in my definition and many others King hussien=Jordan..Only time can tell..

    Anymore questions?

  • Interesting photograph. I sorta knew the King was a pilot, but I had no idea he was an amateur radio operator as well. That’s a well-set-up station he had there, and I love the callsign (JY1)…

    I must say, he had to have been the bravest man in the region to do what he did in 1994. May G_d give him repose.

  • Mohanned, to make things clear (very clear i hope), I wanna tell you that I wrote because I sense sometimes that people try to compare between the current king and his father.

    I only had the opinion that I would not compare because:

    1. Life is much harder now, and this is not in the hands of king Abdulla, this is a result of the complications of politics.

    2. Logic says that you can not to compare someone who has 7 years politics with someone who made it to more than 45 years. ever heard about experience? If your logic can make a comparison then its your own way and opinion.

    This is clearly what I was talking about when I said I would not compare…

    Happy to know you can love someone this much, good for you. I keep my belonging to the land rather than to a good wise man.

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