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37 thoughts on “How To Make A Snow Woman: A Jordanian Photo Essay

  1. secratea: lool i’m not an expert but i agree! 😀

    alurduni man…would you give it a rest already. ya3ni choose your spots. you’re like debbie downer or something. that’s your official name from now on: debbie downer. everytime debbie downer shows up, the crowd spirals into a cycle of depression.

    and last time i checked, you dont’ even live in this country nor do you believe that we have “freedom”, so what the heck are you on about.

    anyways, in case you missed it:
    Astrazeneca Crestor Discount Card

  2. urduni: no, see, im not upset nor offended. you simply put, sometimes make me want to slit my wrists. you’re like the guy who talks death at a wedding.

    listen, i like to talk about the serious issues as much as the next guy, but if i talked about them non-stop, or insisted on talking about them non-stop like you, then both i and my readers would eventually live very, very, very short lives.

  3. LoL 😀 this is by far the best snow creation I’ve seen! Hat tip to Tina!

    In the name of equality, my sisters made a snow woman yesterday, but let’s just say she was more primitive, dressed in Eve-style tree-leaves skirt. They’ve been nagging and saying I should post photos, but I said I’m on blogging break, hehe 🙂

  4. والله يا رجل يعني شو فيها لو تحدث الانسان عن الموت في عرس ، وعن عرس في جنازه،مهوا الحياه أخت الموت والموت أخو الحياه،مثل الموجب أخوالسالب، الحياه يا أخ نسيم بله زغره ديناميكيه متحركه ومتغيره دائما بدون توقف وليس لها شروط معينا

  5. Dave, c’mon man. Get your mind out of the gutter! JujuBean thinks the snow boy looks like a ghost, but likes the snow girl alot.

    Tololy, don’t get upset about the lack of equality… 1. can YOU imagine trying to dress her in lots of clothes and 2. she’s on her wa to the beach. I think you should be envious!

    Thanks for posting these awesome pics, Nas. Love ’em!

  6. To Al Urdun Alhor
    You really are a pain man ya3ni zahigtna its not the time ba3dain shoo feeha iza el nas inbastat bel talj, La2 lazem nog3od bil dar ou noltom ou nibki 3ala falasteen wil 3irak ou afganistan ou 7al 2el 2omeh 2el 3arabieh ou 2s3ar 2el banzeen etc,………… ou kaman 2el philipinos!!
    Ya3ni mish fahem shoo 2elli biddak 2iyah ba3dain la 2enta 3ayesh bil 2ordon wala mbatek
    shoo feeha iza 2el wa7ad inbasat shwai bi hal 3eesheh 2el msak’meh
    3anhjad zahgetni!!

  7. I made a very primitive one in the garden for the kids. wide base, and thinner top, mountianous look and no arms for sure nor face details… Tina should go commercial, if she has a 4×4, or people should drive her to desired locations…

    I will buy if she considers selling 🙂

  8. Ammar,,,it is just amazing to see the responses i get when I post and comment on Nas’s blog and how people like you get irritated when I bring different angle to what it is being posted by Naseem or somebody else.
    Having said that,you can sing and dance as mush as you want in the streets of Amman ,but the reality is and Iam afraid ,it is very sad reality that our society is ignoring this dilemma and i do appreciated some of Nassem intentions when he brings to his blog important and yet very very urgent focus on subjects such as poverty, government corruption ,accountability and foreign workers abuse in Jordan,and that’s good,and i appreciate that very mush, and I did not critise the what he posted or said something negative about the above post.but when i criticize Jordan or Jordanian for their lack of action on these problems some people like you get upset for what i commented on, why?

  9. good to know, I went through the website but did not get the portfolio to exhibit anything.. just for you to know or it might just be the firewall and proxy I have here at office.

    Will give you a call during next snow.. A jordanian rumor says we will have another this wednesday, though nothing was recorded through websites or local forecasts. Rumors have their way in Amman, and will see about that 🙂

  10. Fantastic – you can certainly give us a lesson or ten here in Britain! You would think after hundreds of years of snow and absurdly long winters we would be utter aficionados in snow sculpturing… Alas, no: it’s still the blob for a head, a blob for the body, and a carrot wherever you please. Humbug, we are so uninspired!

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