Snow Day Snapshots: Day Two

If you thought the first day was bad, generic healing the second day has been worse. In fact, cialis save for the occasional sirens of an ambulance in the distance, try Amman is so silent this morning you could hear a pin drop. The cars are buried in snows as are the rooftops and satellite dishes. Looks like things might not get back to normal till Saturday.


  • The photo with the satellite dishes is beautiful!!

    I’m trying to stay sane Nas… so I will withhold from going off on a rant here. I’m counting to ten, breathing, smiling… maybe Columbia was just not meant to be for me, at least now I’d have an ego-boosting excuse when I’m rejected, I’d say “I couldn’t take their writing test in time for the deadline because of the snowstorm that hit Jordan!!”

    Breathe Lina… one… two… snow is very serene…three… Amman is white…four… five… enjoy the break… watch a movie…six… spend some quality time with the family… keep breathing…seven… at least you have internet… eight… check to see if the water that was frozen in the pipes and tank is running again… nine… leave other people’s blogs at peace and go rant on your own blog… ten…

    Isn’t snow beautiful? 🙂

  • mab: knew what?

    lina: looool man you have really, really, got to get out. go for a walk! lol and whatever you do, don’t watch Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ because it might give you ideas 😀

  • Great pictures, I love the one with the grape leaves, so you can write AND take great pics. Not fair…

    Poor Lina, we’ll be paring for peace, patience, and calm for her.

    The beans and I went out after lunch and had another play in the snow. Even more fun today when it’s warmer and more snowy than sleety. We built a BIG snowprincess and used out front steps as a hill for sledding!

  • “Great pictures, I love the one with the grape leaves, so you can write AND take great pics.”
    I agree with everything Mommabean says in this sentence, except that those aren’t grape leaves, are they? 😀

    the first and fourth pictures are seriously awesome!

  • Hydra, no? lol

    great pictures, but how come the bottom one is cropped? I hate you Nas, I feel so jealous and homesick – I really wanted it to snow while my holiday down there =(

    NOT FAIR *cries*

  • mommabean: yup, secratea is right, they’re not grape leaves. by now those leaves are long gone since december. but these are photogenic nonetheless. your day sounds sweet! 🙂

    secratea: lol you have a good eye 😉

    omar: but then you would’ve ended up staying inside during your holiday! 😀

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