George Habash Dies In Amman

George Habash, rx the Palestinian leader and a longtime rival of Yasser Arafat, the former Palestinian president, has died in Jordan, aged 80. Habash, who passed away on Saturday, founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which became notorious for the hijackings of several aircraft in the 1970s.” [Al Jazeera


  • When I lived in Zarka,Jordan Used to go and listen to his fire up speeches ,he is the most charismatic leader I ever listened to,indeed ,he is man of principal and integrity

  • After watching Abbas, Qreia3, Rjoub, Dahlan, Mesh3al, it’s realy a loss to loose such a ptariot character in the Palestiniain Diaspora, in a time we need such leadership.

  • Nadal Battir,

    Do you even have the slightest idea who George Habash is/was and what he stood for? Surely Palestine lost an icon of its resistance against the oppressors.

    Allah yerhamo is the least we can wish for any dead person. That’s the least form of respect any sane person can give to a dead person.

    so what the hell is your problem, exactly?

    And just a side note…Naseem, I know you’re for freedom of speech and non-censorship… but such comments in such context are pure trash and definitely shouldn’t have a place here.

  • Nas?! Can you see what this Nadal is commenting??? Is’nt that against “commenting rules” in your blog? Please delete that stupid comment of him!

  • Iman and Awartany: I understand your frustration although it’s ironic that youre eager to question my commenting policy when it comes to this particular figure and this particular comment and not at other times. That is however, besides the point. Habash is a somewhat controversial figure in this country and I think people will be divided on where they stand in their perceptions. I may not agree with Nadal or the way in which he voices his opinion, but it is nonetheless an opinion and I don’t think it really violates my policy. I appreciate your concerns though and I appreciate the sensitivity of the subject matter so I will amend his comment to reflect a compromise.

    thank you for your input 🙂

  • Nas: It’s not about this particular figure. It’s about respect. I’m not a fan of George Habash or anything, however, he means something to many, he’s also dead, and everybody must respect anybody’s death.

    It’s not an opinion. The guy is cursing and using profanity, and I guess profanity violates your blog commenting policy, isn’t it?

    Another point, the guy name is not “Nidal” it’s “Nadal” and referring to his comment on the topic “The Controversial Crucified Gazan”, he seems Jewish, and that makes him –with his comment on this topic- eliciting racism. Isn’t that considered when censoring your blog’s comments?

    So please don’t accuse us of taking this as a personal issue related to this particular topic. It’s not!

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • I didn’t directly question your commenting policy (actually, I didn’t at all) … I voiced my personal opinion on what I consider trashy & tasteless and not fitting for/on this blog … As far as your observation of irony… well, I quite honestly don’t know what you’re referring to; but like you said it is besides the point.
    Controversial or not, the guy IS dead, so no need for name calling. We can have mixed opinions and disagree with one, his beliefs, ideologies but we should always practice to maintain respect in doing so!

    and I thank you for editing the comment …

  • Iman: i was addressing both you and awartany who seemed to share the same opinion, hence my tag. and i agree with regards to respect and vulgarity which is why i chose to edit.

    Awartany: i know his name, it was just a typo so take it easy. im not prepared to censor a jewish commenter on the grounds that he’s jewish. that in itself would be a racist move. yes, his religion or his political standpoint will by default render him in opposition to certain key figures beholdened by the other side. so debate him, don’t censor him or blame me for not censoring him!

    thank you both for the input.

  • Nas: Enta bewaad w ana bewaad. You didn’t get my point! Anyway thank you for your clarifications!

    he seems Jewish, and that makes him –with his comment on this topic- eliciting racism.

  • BTW Nas, stop playing God please! Like if you’re never wrong. No it’s not a typo, you was pointing to people in Jordan (in this country) and that makes it clear you didn’t notice the guy name…

  • Awartany, what are you talking about???

    Naseem, I have a comment that I’d like to bring to your attention, but in effort to not divert this topic to something entirely different then its intended purpose, I will take it off line…

    Rest in Peace, Abu Al-Mays.

  • Nas: That’s true. I guess you’re right and I’m taking it too far.

    Sorry again dude and it goes to Iman too but as Nas said, it’s a sensitive subject and sometimes we just get confused…

  • George is in for a big surprise when he gets “down there”. Yes, he’ll be joining Yassir in Hell with 72…well, it won’t be virgins! He was a murderer of innocents and just like yassir will be taken to task by the archangel Gabriel and Allah himself for not listening to the truth. So may all terrorists join these 2 who have caused more misery to their people than the entire Israeli army.

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