An Open Letter To Jordanian Bloggers & The Gaza Situation!

Dear, Jordanian Bloggers

I am currently putting together a timely round up for Global Voices on the Gaza situation and the reaction of the Jordanian blogosphere. Unfortunately, I only have about 8 links so far, with only 6 bloggers having made some sort of comment on their blog about Gaza. Please bear in mind, this is NOT a criticism of Jordanian bloggers, this post is a CALL on Jordanian bloggers to show some sort of public reaction on their blog. I’m sure everyone has some thoughts they’d like to share, some frustrations they’d like to vent, something, anything, even if it’s symbolic. So please do so today if you can.

Of all Arabs, the Jordanian and Palestinian people are entwined.

An online demonstration of that bond would be appreciated in this time of despair.

Yours Sincerely,

Naseem Tarawnah
The Black Iris

p.s. if you do decide to post something and want to make my life even easier, feel free to post your link here as a comment.

UPDATE: [5 hours later] Well you guys have made one blogger pretty proud. There are about 17 links via roughly 14 bloggers. Keep’em coming!

UPDATE #2: [20 hours later] A total of 28 links from 24 bloggers.

Update #3: [24 hours later] Thanks to everyone who participated, your efforts are highly appreciated. The round up can be published and you can read it on either 7iber Dot Com or Global Voices


Your Two Piasters: