Hajjaj On The Dumpster Babies

Emad Hajjaj has been using his artistic genius lately to issue a strong and dark statement about this latest disgusting social phenomenon, which I’ve personally dubbed “the dumpster babies”, that has been on the rise since the fall. At times he addresses the topic directly, an sometimes he uses these incidents as a metaphor for tragedies of an economic nature.


  • the third and fourth cartoon depictions got me all emotional. It really is sad that it’s becoming a social phenomenon in Jordan!
    the problem is that every single solution i think about seems far-fetched, and ideal. Yet, i still believe that shedding light on the issue might bring about positive solutions.

  • Many have said, and I agree, that this phenomenon is not new. What is new is that it’s being discussed, and scrutinized by the media and this is great progress. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed and discussed to understand the causes and the effects. Then maybe come up with solutions.

    Kudos to the social genius Hajjaj, for his great message. He mixed two issues that are on the mind of the citizen in a way that brings back to the mind the other-serious-issue…

    If I may say, we should call this phenomenon, “the dumpster parents”. The babies, had noting to do with this

  • secratea: i think at this point, the only tangible thing to do besides betting on the justice system, is talk to talk about the issue constantly in hopes that people feel just how socially rejected it should be.

    Qwaider: i disagree. while there have been scattered cases of such incidents throughout the years, i don’t believe it has ever rendered 6 victims in only a few months.

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