Verbatim | Save Money, Breast Feed Your Kids

“We already cannot cope with daily increases in prices.”Hossam Atrash, a member of the Armed Forces. Consumers already burdened by rising prices expressed dismay over an expected 17 per cent increase in the price of imported infant formula this year. The father of three wondered whether the decision was a message to encourage mothers to resort to breastfeeding. [source]

Oh, the times, they are a’changing.



  • SubhanAllah. Resort to the Sunnah when you can’t buy imported chemicals to nourish your children with. One way or another people will get back to their religion. SubhanAllah. Let’s raise the price of cigarettes to about 10 jd a pack and let’s see what happens there!

  • As an ex-pat in Jordan, I always found it interesting how reluctant women were to breastfeed. In the US and Europe, doctors STRONGLY encourage women to breastfeed for at least 6 months. It has been shown that it’s the best thing you can do for your babies (and it helps the women to shed unwanted excess weight from the pregnancy). So, I’m curious — is it a socio-economic thing? People use formula because it’s a sign of affluence? Or do they not want to be bothered by the hassle of breastfeeding (which can be difficult sometimes)? Again, this is just curiosity, not an attempt to pass judgment or say “our way is better than your way” or something like that.

  • Um Omar: Infant formula is a necessity in many cases. and if we were to “go back” to our religion or the sunnah, then we’ll all be eating goat’s milk and dates by the end of the year, given the economic situation.

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