Democracy Declines In Jordan

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Jordanians’ assessment of the level of democracy in Jordan dropped in 2007 despite the fact the country witnessed two major elections, recipe a survey showed. According to the poll conducted by the University of Jordan’s Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), rx respondents ranked the level of democracy in Jordan at 5.7 on a scale of 10, compared to 6.3 in 2006.

According to the CSS poll, a total of 78 per cent of those surveyed said they could not criticise the government publicly without themselves or their families being subject to social or security punishment. The figure was 74 per cent in 2006, and under 70 per cent in 1999. It also showed that 82 per cent could not take part in peaceful political activities for the same reasons, in comparison to just over 78 per cent in 2006. [source]

12 thoughts on “Democracy Declines In Jordan

  1. As a start, this is being discussed..
    The Strategic center and the Human rights center are better off having their own stands against certain issues.

  2. It’s true that we have some kind of a venting machine in Jordan, that is, if you don’t like anythig in Jordan, just go and bitch about the government, the ministry, the system, but never bitch a person, actualy praise the person.

    Democracy is very little in Jordan, and we need to work on improving it, we should be proacctive. But when you compare it to Syria, we are heaven man!

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