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Egyptian female judges can’t be alone

CAIRO — Egyptian women must not sit as judges because it would be against Islamic law or Sharia as they would have to spend time alone with men, a male Egyptian judge was quoted as saying Saturday. [source]

That was back in March, 2007. This week, comes this lovely news:

Women not fit to judge, say lawyers

Women are emotionally and physiologically unsuited to be judges, and should be restricted to family courts, according to a number of male lawyers in Qatar….“Five months ago, a woman was appointed a judge in Egypt” he continued. “But they shouldn’t be. They are emotionally disposed which can be disadvantageous for a judge’s job.” [source]

UAE to soon have women judges

Women in the United Arab Emirates will soon be allowed to become judges, breaking a male monopoly over the profession in the conservative monarchy, the justice minister said on Sunday…The proposed law, which should cover the judiciary in the seven-member federation, would make the UAE the second Gulf country after Bahrain to allow women to become judges. [source]

Maybe we’re doing a bit better in contrast.


  • and you see this wrong based on law inspired by the shari3a how ?
    best compromise you can get is for there to be 2 female judges to be doing the job of one, for they are half a man or something theory …
    bless thy logic

  • This makes me crazy. Will someone please do something about those Egyptian law-makers, imams or what ever they are called? Muslims don’t need the Western media to tarnish their image, they’ve got this problem in Egypt to deal with first.

  • Ah yes, based on the shari3a. To my knowledge the shari3a has never led to a just and functioning society. Arab culture has so many resources and great qualities that it is sad to see progress and growth held back by people like the Egyptian judges who love the shari3a more than the compassion and mercy of Allah.

    I wonder if the shari3a can become a sort of idol that actually gets in the way of a person approaching Allah.

  • Despite all the negatives we discuss in Jordan, we remain in much better conditions among the nation..

    And yes, shari3a should be banned from public issue. kept for those interested on their personal level.

  • In Canada here we have the Chief Judge of the supreme Court of Canada Beverly Mclachlin; when she was appointed there were some old timers (old boys club) that resented her appointment because she was a woman, and life never ended the sky did not fall and time has shown her to be fair, yet non politically correct and generally shown good judgement
    who knows maybe it will work out well in the Middle East if their were some female judges give it a try… but it’s not my place to say I’m not Arab nor do i live in the Middle East

  • I am so sick of people claiming that women should sit home because they’re not emotionally capable of being judges, or surgeons, or policemen, or country leaders.

    Listen , if she ‘s emotionally unstable then she can’t be a mother to srat with, why the hell would someone let his wife raise his kids if she’s crazy and nuts and can’t make the right decisions. It’s pure male hypocricy.

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