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9 thoughts on “Fouad AlFarhan & Breaking The Silence

  1. Tyranny does not listen to silence, it does not take orders from silence; it simply grows and festers in silence. Martin Luther King Jr
    I think this part is enough, silence isn’t the the message we want to send, it’s the other way around.
    But you have your thoughts, others have theirs, lets all agree on the bigger issue of supporting one of our own, a person who was prosecuted for his ideas and thoughts. Let each of us pick the weapon of choice, pick silence if you like, I will pick loud protest, and lets hope that at the end our combined efforts will get to the deaf ears

  2. In this case in particular, i see that choosing silence as a means of protest is valid since, as you mentioned Nas, after all Fouad AlFarhan has been silenced for 28 days till now, and only God knows when/if he will ever resume blogging, hence silence for one day (the stress is on one day) won’t hurt, rather it is a chance for bloggers to unite, support, and promote one cause.
    The day is over.. now what? I believe that after this day of silence bloggers should raise their voices as high as they could for effective results.. us, Jordanian bloggers in particular, experienced change first had, remember who-sane’s family ordeal and how positive it was when most bloggers voiced their opinion? .. by the end of the day, the message has to be sent out, and that is of protest against the unjust treatment of Fouad..

  3. Criticism is easy, shutting up for a day, well that’s a different story.

    LOL, so true in this case! Certain bloggers only wrote about this to criticise the campaign. I couldn’t find a single post on their blog about Fouad before.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: khaalef to3raf! :p

  4. I read on another blog that Fouad’s blog is still up and running and that the Saudi government would usually block an offender. There was some talk that he had been jailed for other reasons? Anyone know the truth. I don’t know where to look to find out.

  5. This might not be related to this thread, but it is related to the idea of freedom of opinion.

    I think that most of us (arabs) did not understand the meaning of the ‘freedom of opinion’, maybe because of the taboo culture we live. A couple of years ago some danish reporter published some photos of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and I saw thousands going down to streets to protest. Those who protested in the street or on forums (like myself) were admiting in the same time that they can NOT stand or live the freedom of opinion, because the freedom of opinion is the only freedom that does not (or maybe should not) stop on the limits of hurting another. My opinion may always hurt another,,, should I keep it inside?

    I think this incident showed me then that the arab world is not ready yet for the freedom of opinion, because it leads to breaking taboos, as much as a religion can be a taboo, or a leader can be a taboo. Creating standards (or rules) in such an issue, is exactly killing the freedom of opinion. So the question here is , are we ready to hear all? anything that may touch our religious symbols? because this is the freedom of opinion, a one-package; take it or leave it.

    I wrote this to say that we should consider this before we continue fighting for it.

    personally I have no problem with the freedom of opinion. I can take all.
    sorry if this comment is not very related to this thread.

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