• do you know of any media that carried his story .. i saw it in a few newspapers that’s it .. i think even jazeera didn’t mention it o_O

  • thanks man, as written there.. he was arrested for discussing the political imprisonment in saudi arabia.

  • Why are we choosing silence as a form of solidarity with Fouad and his likes? How effective is that, really? Instead of a ‘Day of Silence’ I suggest a ‘Month of breaking the silence’… each blogger, through their blogs, should strongly voice his opinion about the many things that they’ve been silenced about due to fear of being in Fouad’s position!

  • One thing silence did for me was give me a chance to dedicate a day to praying for him, and researching what to write about instead of just failing at putting a banner in my side-bar. It’s like dedicating a moment of silence when their has been a tragedy. We just watched “The Interpreter” again, and those demonstrators outside the UN with their mouths taped shut impacted me more than the random shouting of an earlier demonstration.

    So Nas, where can people send emails to the Saudi government?

  • regular reader: i dont think the saudi government is going to read emails. i would send out emails to editors of international publications. all the big names you can think of.

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