What’s Worse Than The Government?

…heartless people…

AMMAN – The authorities said they will intensify measures to prevent retailers from stockpiling oil derivatives as several distributors of fuel and gas were reportedly arrested and referred to court Saturday…Officials said the new measures are meant to curb a trend among some petrol station owners and gas cylinder distributors to turn back customers claiming that they ran out of supplies in a bid to sell what they have early next month at higher prices. [source]


  • amjad: go with rollerblades…the air that goes in the tires might get taxed in 2008

    mo: if i remember correctly, the communist experience wasn’t so grand either

  • Look lousy people —> leads to : lousy gov.

    Don’t listen to NAS, you’ll most probably end up bruised considering our highly roller-bladdes safe streets, and trust me, you don’t want to end up in a hospital by 2008.

    I’m talking my friends and cousins into investing in my great idea of hang gliding transportation system. Amman gates will be the take-off point for all journeys, see we got it all figured out. My 6 years cousin just “donated” her piggy bank, business is good.

    NAS: I was actually hoping that Jordan business magazine will run a series of articles talking about possible options the government got to survive this period, and what would be the holy grail of Jordan’s economy? It’s just amazing how no one was warning about this day coming publicly! Our economy was dependent on foreign aids and free oil, now what do we got? I miss the old talk about Jordan is the ME Silicon Valley, Jordan we is hayarrr edukashan

    Things are not actually all that grim or going apocalyptic, we just need to learn to take things on our own and look for alternatives and WORK hard. We could still manage this crisis. The Lebanese didn’t had oil, but they managed at some point t build a thriving economy until they” blow it off/up”! But why do I keep having this funny feeling that the next “great” suggestion for Jordan will be getting into space tourism and space shi*,imagine space pens made in Jordan!

  • Hi, I am responding here to your comment about communism. Please don’t confuse what was happening in the Soviet Union with communism or socialism or what is happening in the west with true democracy and capitalism. Though on the surface they seem poles apart, they still have one important thing in common; the rule, exploitation and marginalization of the many by the few.
    As for the energy crisis in Jordan, I wonder every time I here about the subsidies the government is complaining about, why then the oil derivatives prices in Jordan are higher than those in the USA where gas is taxed not subsidized!

  • I don’t think the government has any other choice but to do this. Aside from getting free oil (or cheaper) from our Oil producing “Brothers” there is not much they can do. There is no sense of subsidizing rich people and evey foreigner in te country so a cash payment to poor families will target the help where needed. People knew about this more than 3 years ago and I don’t blame people for being scared of the unkown but in the future people may be surprised to see prices come down.

    Jameed, you are right. The price of gasoline in Jordan should be cheaper than the US since OPEC oil is cheapoer than Brent and the US taxes the gasoline heavily. I think the government increased the price of Gas in order to lower the price of other derivatives.

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