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5 thoughts on “Movie Reviews | Kite Runners & Old Men

  1. “There is a way to be good again.”

    It’s that line exactly in the first chapter that made me shed tears just a couple of pages into the book. I can’t even explain exactly why but I just thought it was so sad…like what is it he could have done as a boy that made him think he was so bad…

    I enjoyed the book so much I don’t think I’ll be watching the movie; I don’t want anything to ruin my Kite Runner experience, but thanks for the review!

  2. Nas, I totally agree with what you said about the Kite Runner.
    It was a good movie, but my experience reading the novel was way better than viewing the movie. while reading, I fully experienced the beauty of the landscape, the kite tournaments, the smell of the kubab in the streets of Kabul, the normal life, the brutal life after the Russian invasion, and the inhumanity of the Taliban. On the other hand, the movie cut it short and left out lots of the beauty depicted in the novel.. the landscape was almost ignored in the movie, whereas in the novel I felt it as a main character, a place where Amir and Hassan’s friendship develops and flourishes..
    The sound track was awesome.. I didn’t have enough of it and that’s why I ordered it and will be getting it soon inshalla 😀

  3. I have not actually read the novel, but I enjoyed the movie. I think though it is more politicized than it should be. The Soviet soldiers and the Talibans are depicted as “the bad guys”, the ultimate evil. I am sure they were horrible overall in reality, but the way they were portrayed was a bit childish, typical of many Hollywood movies. The stoning of a woman was an unnecessary scene, and I am sure it would get widely varying responses in the Muslim world. I hope it does not start another stupid debate about an unimportant issue.

  4. Yee.. i love the story very much
    very touch within
    it’s a beautiful novel
    i agree with you the novel is more brilliant than the movie
    many magnetic -interesting things in the novel lost in the film
    …zendagi migzagra .. . that 2 word keep in my mind
    For the movie , i do like acting of Hasan. He’s perfect , so natural to be Hasan as a servant kid
    I vote for him get award as a young talented actor

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