Eid By The Sea

gray Amman weather



see an old friend

see an old teacher

(reminisce on the passage of time)

good music

good books



by the sea


  • Iman: just barely…but i hope you did too 🙂

    secratea: hehehe, the “great” escape…hope your enjoying yours! 😉

    Firas: thanks man…dead sea’d it 😀

  • When are WE ( just not to be showing exceptional I included me ) going to be considering to pass the idea of CHANGE within our Central Processing Units in our heads?

    What CHANGE I am refering to here! Simply, our ATTITUDES CULTURE 🙂 But what is wrong with it or what excatly needs to be reformed? Honestly, I would sould silly if I say all of it or give some partial hints.

    I beleive we need really to reconsider the “TA5WEETH” culture. Wether the hech we know whom we doing it to or NOT. We just bring it up and hit it straight to our counterparts!!! I mean being funng to some extent is nice but We here in Jordan I would see 1000% of us just see the person who is knocking off the TA5WEETH is straigt Mafsoum deck …and it is a way to let others see how much our flesh is sour (mour)…

    I guess being more straig to the point well really help us all to be more into getting better from this life!!!!

  • Nas: For real! If you make it 9 years in Turkey ( of study and work )and been to some Europe countries and hang with the guys and girls too in our age then you would get the point! If you would love to see a life example then try to stick to the forieng students who are learnign Arabic in our universities and would also have different idea.

  • Wael: I dont know…maybe i’m just mentally tired today…but i’ve read your comments 3 times and still couldn’t figure out what you’re talking about! 😀

  • Nas: No dude you are cool! But i was speaking out my mind and that was not there in Jordan.

    Anyways, I guess I have myself figure it out and make it on Jordan’s understaning scheme.

  • LOL! 🙂

    I’ll tell you what Wael is talking about! First of all, he is talking about something totally unrelated to this topic! Second, it’s all about complaining of Arabs all the time just because he lived and studied in Turkey, visited Switzerland, and most of his friends are foreigners (9 years outside Jordan), he can’t stand the pain of back-stabs, gossips, and that stuff! I think he is trying to communicate with you as you once wrote –in a post that I couldn’t find- about how different is the mentality of people who grew-up in Jordan and those who once lived outside.

    That’s all!

    P.S: The guy is my friend, however, he didn’t tell he posted a comment, probably; it’s his first comment on your blog, I knew it’s him by the way he speaks up his mind! Not so well-arranged!


  • Nas: How nice to feel that you are away from noise , hustle and life routine , Great suggestion (Y) , my next Eid will be similar inshalla

    Wael, :Nice Try!!!!
    it seems to me that you have your personal English language, i cheer for creativity !!!

    Awartany: Thanks for translating … hopefully if this translate wael’s Speech literally.

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