Saudi Rape Victim Gets A Pardon

And this is how the story ends…

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has pardoned the teenage victim of a gang rape who was sentenced to 200 lashes and jailed for six months in a case that caused an international outcry.

If confirmed, the pardon would represent a rare occasion where a Saudi ruler has publicly challenged the kingdom’s hardline clerics, who have wide powers in society, according to a traditional pact with the royal family. Clerics of Wahhabi Islam dominate the justice system which the King has said he wants to reform…

Fawziya al-Oyouni, a Saudi women’s rights activist, welcomed the pardon but said it was not enough. “We don’t want to rely simply on pardons. We need harsher sentences for guilty parties and we want to feel safe,” she said. [source]

She has a point.

So does Sunni Sister.


  • While People in the Arab world are demanding for more freedom, Equality , And justice and the rulers are depriving them of that, you go to Saudi Arabia to find that the ruler is trying to liberate the people!!!!

  • This is absolutely discussing, it is an affront to justice and everything holy.

    While the king may feel like he is a gracious and merciful man in truth he is not.

    A pardon simply means that she does not have to pay the penalty for her “crime”. It is not a statement that she was in fact innocent, or that she did not commit any crime.

    By the stars, God is not pleased.

  • I agree that this isnt as positive as the Saudi king would have us think – but still let´s give credit where it´s due. The least that can be said is that it´s a step in the right direction and may serve as a precedent for a time when what abu daoud described will in fact be true. When giirls like this, who are the victims, are not treated like criminals.

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