A Bad Day In Amman

It’s kind of strange how now matter what kind of bad day you’re having, Amman’s traffic will always find a way, to make it worse.



  • Naseem … It’s Monday … Make Mondays less miserable… think of me … (jk)

    Well, I HATE traffic but learned to see the positives about/in it..

    and so I can use the time to:
    -File my nails
    -Pluck my eyebrows

    Hope your day ends well 🙂

  • Will you need a blue sky holiday?
    Nas just think: “Ah…so many pedestrians, so little time… ”

    Iman…my monday has come to a slow start…i have no nail file, no tweeezers(which i could use) and today i didnt have my book in my bag to read! any other options?

    Sounds like we all just have the classic case of the Mondays!

  • Yes, Naseem, today was BAD. Anyone get stuck at Duwwar Il Kilo around 3pm? Shu had, qaboos 3anjad. I did LOVE seeing all the police giving tickets, though.

    Iman, would you really pluck those brows in traffic? You have tinted windows or something?

  • Traffic, the universal curse…anyone who has lived in a city knows exactly what you mean…this is why I like walking…

    May I suggest getting a book on tape or possibly college lecture? They might brighten up your commute a little bit by giving you something interesting to listen to and think about.

  • pharmer, pick on your split-ends?!

    Kinzi, no tinted windows … I just pluck misbehaved grown back hairs …and I’ve done upper lips, too. is that bad? you see, when you establish routine by leaving to and from work at a certain specific time, it’s common that you’ll run into the same cars in traffic/ on the road…so you form a bond one way or another… and so you become comfortable with plucking and other stuff …I’ll tell you something I also learned to do in traffic … (I’ll email you that piece of info or send you a message on Facebook) … but seriously, it doesn’t bother me because chances are I’m only going to see these people on the road, no where else…is that bad?!

  • Nas…
    the reason we have traffic in Amman is due to several factors,first ,the incompetence of and lack of knowledge in traffic management ,second,lack of public participation in city management and that due to lack of real democracy and transparency .Third, beauracractic red tape that hinders every aspect of the decision making process…
    And Batir before I forget,,There is noway in the world ,objectively or otherwise you can compare Cairo to Amman.

  • I swear to God every day I’ve driven in Amman this trip I notice that people can’t drive in lanes. They ALWAYS drive about 3 quarter’s of a car’s width from the left side of the road, and they drive slowly.

    Today, the same thing happened to me twice, which was enough to convince me that I should either stop driving in Amman or simply throw away everything I know about good manners and good driving and start driving like an asshole. The first time, I was at a gas station, there was a line, and if I stopped my car right behind the last car, I would block the cars at the back of the gas station from being able to come out, so I leave enough room for cars to pass by. Next thing I know a KFC delivery car comes and squeezes itself in that room and takes my turn while blocking the cars in the back at the same time.

    The second time was at Mecca mall. Again there was a line of cars waiting to go into the garage. If I stop immediately behind the last car I will block oncoming traffic (I had to make a left to get into the garage). So I stop to make the left turn in my side of the road and not in oncoming traffic’s way and I turn on the left signal. Next thing I know a car comes and blocks oncoming traffic and takes my spot.

    If you try to do as I did, and you notice the same behavior from others, it might be me in the other car because that’s how I’m gonna start driving from now on.

    And for God’s sake, instead of putting a police officer who blocks traffic on the 6th circle, have him stand in front of Amra plaza and prevent people from double parking there. But I guess doing that will make it easier for cars to make it to the 6th circle from that side, and make the jam even worse. The beauty of our city’s planning. I just hope they don’t decide to build any towers near Amra in the future. Oh wait, they are already doing that!!!

  • i dont think amman has the kind of traffic that allows anyone the luxury to do anything like file nails and read a book. if anything, it means having to constantly be on the lookout for driving bastards the likes of which hamzeh encountered, and having to deal with a foot that is just so tired from hitting the brake pedal all day long.

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