Sheep At The Mall

Snapped on my cell phone:

In light of a recent debate on the issue, I’ve started to wonder whether there is a fine line to be drawn between celebrating and commercializing. Can one be done without the other in a commercial atmosphere? Where do we draw the line?


  • Awww they are too cute.
    But mish 7aram to put the sheep there? it’s like, awwwww you are soooo cute and we are gonna sooooo kill you and eat you for the first day of Eid. LOL.

    The kids wake up the next day asking their parents, where is the kharoof just to learn that it’s gonna be in their bellies soon.

    I thought it was the nativity seen too and yes listen to Firas and go sleep, hada inta 3anjad nocturnal.

  • loool.. they can’t be Adha sheep… I would say nativity sheep.. aren’t they under small decorated (Christmas) trees? 😀
    But to answer your question, the line between celebration and and commercialization can’t be easily drawn…marketers haven’t left any possible way to cash in on any holiday out there.

  • aww how cute. I like the one on top. zgort la7alo 😀

    and no, their not surronded by xmas trees. they are palm trees. so they either resemble nativity or the desert like in mecca 😀

  • They are most definitely for the adha. You can see the same thing in Mecca mall.

    You have to put yourself in the shoes of the person responsible for running events in the mall.

    Christmas is highly commercialized even in our country. A Christmas tree has to be put there, and a Santa must be present too. Of course, if you are a shopping center you have to have gift boxes under the tree too.

    But there’s a small problem. You’re running the mall in a country with a muslim majority, and if Christmas and Eid are only one day apart, you can’t just put a Christmas tree without putting something for the Eid. You will actually get complaints.

    Hence the sheep, and hence the big mosque in Mecca mall, and the sheep there too. Of course, neither mall sells sheep for the Adha Eid, so I wouldn’t group their use of sheep as commercializing. Now with Tkiyyet Om Ali, you might have a point about commercializing there.

  • Good for you Nas, finding something ‘Islamic’ in the decorations. I guess I won’t start the discussion about statuary in Islam…yet I am so enjoying the commentary! 😉 I will keep up the positive note and I will give City Mall (so it appears to be in the photo) a vote for effort.

  • wouldnt it be funny if the mall display consisted of a guy actually slaughtering one of the sheep .. with blood and what not .. and the other two sheep would be watching in horror .. hehehe

  • tkiyyet um Ali is a non profit organization. They are doing a great job where social support is pooled and well managed better than “sh7det il abwab”.

    Mo, I like the suggestion. It feels more like the actual Eid than a smiling sheep 🙂

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