Passports By Post!

This is pretty interesting news:

AMMAN – A new service allowing Jordanians to renew their passports through the country’s post offices is set to be operational at the beginning of next year.

Jordan Post Company (JPC) Director General Mansour Malhas told The Jordan Times that the service, to be launched following an agreement with the Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD), is scheduled to start at the beginning of January.

…Under the service, citizens can approach any of the 356 post offices in the Kingdom where a specialised clerk will provide them with a list of necessary documents based on a checklist issued by the CSPD.

Once complete, the documents will be delivered to the local CSPD centre where the application will be processed before being returned to the post office in the area.

Regular fees of half a dinar will be charged for the application and another half a dinar for delivery. An additional JD2 will be charged for door to door delivery. [source]

Giving credit where and when due, I have to say this is an excellent initiative that will drastically reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency. At the very least it will really cut down on the line ups, traffic jams, and people jams that is typically experienced at passport renewal offices in Jordan. Cairo Amman Bank has also started to open mini-teller windows at post offices to offer its customers banking services. Now if we only add a fruit stand, I think pretty soon the modern Jordanian post office might become an important hub of activity. Honestly, I’ll take any initiative that comes up with new ways to reduce wait times and hassles of simple citizen-related tasks.


  • I agree to some degree with you. its a great initiative in the right direction.

    but how many times you need to renew your passport? once every 5 or 10 years? so it does add a little value to the life of the jordanian citizen but not THAT great of a value. plus last time i renewed my passport (4 years ago) it took me 60-90 minutes and I went there in the middle of the week and it was jammed. so its not too bad considering that you will leave with a new passport immediately if you have no issues. (i needed to renew urgently)

    other services need to be extended through mail, that citizens use and need more frequently. I heard they are considering a lot more services so lets hope for the better. God only knows when these plans will be implemented. you know how bureaucracy can work wonders.

    khaled, forget the internet. if they do, then its going to be a privilege for the few in jordan, specifically in Amman. its too costly for them when few have access to the internet at home.

  • I have to admit, the CSPD is one of the most efficient government’s run departments, thanks to the miracle work of the former director AWNI YARFAS, who turned this dept. around, but adding this postal service is a plus to an already excellent service.
    I think they should start all government workers there for three months training to teach them to be efficient and courteous.

  • I am sooo impressed! well done! It is an excellent system! Anyway, when I was in Jordan in summer I went to renew my passport and it went so smoothly and quickly! I was really surprised cuz even here in England bureaucracy is worse than that!!! Well done Jordan!

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