Facebook Envy

Facebook Envy n.
The feeling you get when you come across an old friend on Facebook and realize that their life turned out way better than yours.

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  • looooooooool.. it’s in our nature to always think that other people’s lives turned out to be better than ours! Anyways, envy kills, hence account deactivation is the perfect solution!

  • Hahahahaha… Cool definition 🙂

    Facebook is a great community, however, I don’t like the fact that most of my friends are communicating with me using Facebook and ONLY Facebook! Even those who used to call or email… THIS IS BAD!!!

  • Don`t you think that there is a bias in your observation?..people who are more successful tend to post their work and education information while those who arent don`t?….

  • Cute definition … but doesn’t apply to me 😛

    people who are more successful tend to post their work and education information while those who arent don`t?….

    That’s not true … I have a Post Graduate Degree and work at a large firm yet I don’t have any Education or Work info published on Fb…simply because my friends already know this information…

  • Nassem ,,sorry to be pain in the ass ,My question to all the Jordanian Pathetic Blogger,when are you going to write about something meaningful that can open the door for better awareness and understanding of our problems.

  • AlurduniAlhurr: sorry to be a pain, but why don’t you use your blog to set a standard and the rest of us pathetic jordanian bloggers will try and meet it.

    be the change you want to see, no?

    (in the future, i think you’ll get a more respectable response from people when you don’t insult them)

  • no, i dont.

    bloggers are people, and people are diverse. as long as that’s true then you’ll have diverse opinions, topics, posts, blogs, ideas, bloggers, theories, discussions, world views, environments, backgrounds, religions, objectives, reasons, rationales, thoughts, beliefs, convictions, principles, choices.

    as long as that’s true, you won’t always agree with everyone or even appreciate what they have to say about anything they choose. but it’s their choice and if you don’t like it, change the channel. just dont call us pathetic.

    and you didn’t say some “some”, you said “all”.

  • lol.. no Iman, i wasn’t talking about myself.. I was talking about people who envy others over FB.. that is so naive i think 😀

  • AlurdunAlhurr, pathetic…eh? 🙁 sniff, sniff…

    I second Nas… set the standards for all those “pathetic bloggers” out there 😀

  • if that is not pathetic ,what is pathetic and shallow to you?

    ooooo…that hurt! Are you always this mean? 🙁

    not that I owe you an explanation …but… try browsing the entire site … it’s diverse in content … mood dependent …I hope that’s okay with you 😳

    :rolling my eyes:

  • @AlurdunAlhurr:

    Look here, sonny boy, Blogging does not mean Revolution, ok? You want to write a blog about stuff that matters (and when I say matters, I mean matters to you), you do that. But it’s not your business nor is it of any concern to you what other people write in their blogs. Blogs can be anything; personal, specific, general, whatever the writer (not you) wants. I’ve seen blogs about cooking, sewing, and a lot of other stuff that’s important only depending on the reader’s definition of important. Blogging is not Journalism, so please take your high standards and go somewhere else. Take your online revolution and do something (other than blabbering about it in Cyberspace) with it. And then come here and claim you’re better than others.

  • سد فيشس،،منين طلعتلي بسحبه،وينك عمرناما سمعنا منك، بدي أسئلك هل أنت محامي نسيم وليش منزعج كثير علي ما كتب، وزي ما بحكي المثل كلام طاير بل الهواوالحكي ما عليه جمارك

  • “Look here, sonny boy, Blogging does not mean Revolution, ok? ”
    Who told you that Mr wise man?I might argue it is ,by in itself because it’s based on free speech and free flow of ideas and informationsبدون رقيب ولاحسيب,.don’t you think so?

  • AlurdunAlhurr ….It’s true that you are entitled to voice your frustration and concerns about the lack of “quality” in the Jordanian blogsphere bas inta laih m3assib? instead of throwing cheap insults why don’t you offer some suggestions as to what defines quality 😀 …Actually, don’t… bas jad jad Relax… I am starting to conclude that the FB definition fits you perfectly, hence your over reaction….

    :Group Hug:

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