• As much as i hate to be one of these people who complain about deleted comments,
    It just has to be known that deleting my comments without notification is not cool
    Ya akhi, use the the mkhabarat-run ammoon news approach and write “na3tather”!

  • Rob: actually, technically, i didnt delete your comments. i found that my spam plugin had identified your comments as spam due to the vulgar language. i simply agreed with the plugin.

    as a writer, i always expect that at least half the people will disagree with me and i rather enjoy that. it inspires debate. however, it is in how they disagree, how they voice that disagreement that is important. if you feel you cant disagree with me unless you are insulting me or using vulgar language, then i can’t argue with the spam plugin.

    thanks 🙂

  • Actually and technically I neither insulted you nor used vulgar language.
    In my comment regarding your assessment that “Zaatar wa Zait” has reasonable prices I cannot recall that I used any “vulgar” language. But even if I used an F..word here or a references to an under-the-waist human body part there, I do not think that justifies ignoring the points I made in my arguments and automatically categorizing my comments as spam.

    On the other hand, “how one voices his disagreement with you” is some sort of a personal fu**ng choice and whatever moth**f***ng approach one would choose to voice his/her go***mn opinion should bear little weight on the substance the argument carries . You may want to argue that resorting to unnecessary obscene language may harm the argument and jeopardize its content , but what the f**k?! is this worth censorship and editing out?!!
    (And yeah yeah, it is your personal space and you have the right to authorize whatever ….Sure…. I will start my own web page where I can use as many F-bombs as I want and totally dedicate it to commenting on other people’s articles ….my first post…”Nasim Tarawneh thinks Zaatar o Zeit is reasonably priced…i think that’s fu****d up”. My second…”nice piece there Debbie”.

    As for the Jordanian Fllini comment, again I refute the accusations that I insulted you or used obscene language. Trying to voice my disagreement with the tremendous over hype given to what is shaping to be an average piece of work from a rookie director, and trying to show my surprise that you are actually lobbying for and expecting more hype for this film BEFORE you actually see it, basing your evaluation strictly on the personal relationship you have with the novice director , what I did was simply quote a movie character – you know because we were talking about movies , I thought it would be fitting to use a movie references and stuff . The Wolf”s quote -from the movie Pulp Fiction- is usually used to refer to getting overexcited about something before realizing the end result, and when I used it, it was not meant to refer in any way to the exchange of oral sexual favors between any of the parties involved.

    The bottom line is all I need to hear is: ” Comments that uses fu**ing obscene language will be be deleted without notice, and the ass**les who leave them are not welcome to share their two cents in this f**cking space. Go get you own fu**ing space you stupid C*nts”. Because, honestly, deleting comments without notice is just not cool.

    Disclaimer : The above opinions and the language used does not reflect the opinions or the moral values of the blog author. The Black Iris and his affiliates are committed to a sterile language environment and comment-ers who use obscene, vulgar or typo-riddled vocabulary are responsible for their own acts.

  • Rob: of the thousands of comments left on this blog I dont remember having to edit more than 5 in my entire time here. so im not going to defend the policy. if you feel its wrong then simply exercise some self-control and dont comment. it’s rather simple. i even make it simple with the “submit” button down below. you really dont have to click it.

    So i’m not complicating matters here. There is a simple policy when it comes to the use of obscene language and personal insults and if you feel you don’t want to abide by it, then that’s fine, it’s your choice. The consequence of making that choice is not being able to post that particular comment on this blog.

    As for your arguments. rob, i have absolutely nothing against your arguments. the premise of both argument was valid and I wish I could’ve debated them with you. i think people voiced concerns built along similar lines of your argument in the zaatar w zeit post, and I was happy to debate that. but being vulgar and personally insulting me, as you admit to doing, is uncalled for. it’s as simple as that. and also, i didn’t categorize anything as spam, your comment categorized itself.

    You are right with regards to one’s choice in using obscene language to communicate their thoughts as that of a personal choice. Unfortunately, that’s one choice you can’t make on the Black Iris. But based on what I was able to read between the lines, something tells me you’re better than that. Something tells me that you’re above all that, and that your smart enough to form an argument without having to use that kind of language or insult people.

    Apologies for the inconvenience 🙂

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