Meeting Captain Amin Matalqa

The highlight of my weekend has definitely been getting to meet Amin Matalqa today at the Intercon, and talk about his movie Captain Abu Raed and what it’s like making a feature film in Jordan. First off, Amin is both smart and funny, in other words, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to film making. Secondly, I’m one of the many fans of Amin’s shorts like “Suffi Suffi”, “Liffi Liffi” and of course “Ikhras!”. If I remember correctly, the last movie I ever felt this excited about was the epic Lord of the Rings, and even that was initially only a few months before it came out, as opposed to Captain Abu Raed, which has been on my anticipation radar for well over a year. But as Amin kept us all updated over the months about the progress of the film, and as it neared its completion, my anticipation has been through the roof. I like to think I have a sixth sense about movies and I am positive Captain Abu Raed is going to be a huge hit and a very well done movie. On his iPhone I got to listen to the music that will play over the end credits and it was absolutely haunting and a taste of what’s in store.

Amin is off to the Dubai Film Festival and then the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. If he brings enough Jordanian friends with him to Sundance, he’ll generate more buzz about Captain Abu Raed than any movie in the history of the festival! I expect the Jordanian blogosphere will do its part in generating some online buzz when the official trailer is released.

In the meantime, I want to blog this entry for future reference, mostly for myself. So that one day soon, when Amin is off making big and small budget films between a Hollywood studio and somewhere in Al-Salt, I can humbly say that I once had coffee with him on a Saturday afternoon at the Intercon.

Best of luck to Amin and company!


  • Can’t wait to see it. I have heard so much about it already. I hope it turns out to be a milestone for Jordanian talents on the international level.

  • Man, this is excellent, excellent! I too am very excited about the movie, and want to watch the movie so bad, I don’t know how though, I suppose I’m going to have to wait until it hits the theaters in Amman, and even then not sure if I’ll be able to catch it time, being a resident of Aqaba and all.
    However, I am sure it will be Magnificent, I just know it will. 🙂

  • yeah, I can’t wait to see it too. And yeah, Amani’s short clips are funny, especially suffi suffi. I almost forgot about it.. I just went back and saw it. Hilarious wallahi.. loooooooooooooooool

  • Very happy and proud to have a Jordanian mark internationally, hope to have just more and more of that 🙂

  • Amin is definitely smart, I think this man will make it big. Laith as well, he’s brilliant! 😀 Great artist as a whole! hehe

    I’m very excited to see the movie, Visiting the set was a brilliant experience!

  • Oh …is that my comment missing!!
    I am sorry , did i hurt your feelings….
    My bad, here is a comment that may get through….

    Amin Matalqa is a bright young emerging star , who has written and directed a number of brilliant shorts. He is funny, articulate and his debut film Captain abu Raed is already generating a world-wide buzz, presenting Jordan as a cozy little country with a can-do attitude.

    Yopteee DOO…Amin Matalqa and his film are the best thing since sliced bread and Jordanian independence. Lets give it up for Amin and his brilliant crew. Two thumbs up for the royal film commission for its never ending effort in promoting Jordan, not only as an investors paradise, but as a culture-infested international phenomenon.

    /performing a little dabkeh dance, waving my 7atta, while fighting through the lines to get my 4 JDs mangoshett jibneh.

  • A humble young man who is staring at the horizon of his success. Amin is truly a good hearted, hard working individual who deserves all the spoils of his accomplishments. He is one of the good guys who you can’t help but cheer for. Good luck Amin and congratulations.

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