Who’s The Best Internet Service Provider In Jordan?

It’s been almost a year since I’ve come home and I think I’ve mooched off my neighbor’s wireless Internet connection for far too long. Plus, my Internet usage is going to be increasing soon and I need something a bit fast than the 5.5Mbps I’m experiencing now! So I figure it’s time to get me some of that wireless ADSL that’s so popular with the kids these days. Problem is, I don’t know what the best deal in town is right now.

I’m looking for the 1024k speed with the 10GB download, kind of package. Orange, TE Data, Sama Telecom, Batelco, I think they all sell this package in the same price bracket; an average of 260JDs. Though I know there’s 11JDs to be paid to Orange on the phone bill, regardless of what ISP you’re with, so that’s 132JDs plus the sales tax and the cost of installation and router. And I also know there’s a big difference in the service. Some ISPs have a lot of downtime, or some times the speed will not be up to par. Other times, the customer service will be terrible.

So anyone have any ideas, tips and/or suggestions by way of guidance?


  • I recommend Orange for one reason; they are the telecommunication company in Jordan! They are the technology master. I have a 2Mb connection and it works well, the transfer/download rate is usually around 200Kbps which is great, it’s rarely down, and I have never needed to contact the customer service.

  • well , the best offer you can get from Cypira so far

    they offer 10GB with 512 , and i guess 15GB with 1024 ,

    even if you reach your limit the speed

    7.00pm – 7.00am dose not effect ,

    any way as i know WI max from Zain and Orange going to lunch soon

  • 🙂

    I am with wanadoo since like two years, no complaints.

    but as lina said, the new thingie called U max from umnia iis pretty neat, you buy a modem from them for 200 JDs or rent it for 6 Jds a month, and then, assuming they cover your area (which i assume is the case) you buy that modem and put it close to the window and attach it to your wireless router, and your house, like mine, will be a wireless heaven, and your family members will stop talking to each other and sit next to each other on the coutch staring each in his/her laptop. at least thats the case with my family since we got the bloody thing. hehe:)

    ok, the prices are very, very cheap compared to anythign else, for 2MBps (yes, two) and a 10 GB download limit, you pay 260 or so. and you dont pay anything for the land line company. which makes it a ver,y very good deal. and you can take the modem with you wherever you go and have internet, as long as you have electricity, modem needs electricity, so its not 100% mobile.

    so now i pay about 360 a year (including the land line fees) for a 512KBps and 4 GB limit, and you can have 2MBps and 10GB for 100 JDs less.

    the only reason i havent switched yet is that i am not sure yet if the service is realiable since its new. LIna do you know anyone that has it? maybe you can tell us more.

    5.5 mega bit per secon, not mega byte per second what you have now, right? i dont think there is 5.5 megabyte per second in Jordan.

  • Guys, the Wi Max (U Max) is not that good offer! I’ve called Umnia’s customer service once, and they explained the following:

    1- Ordinary ADSL connection speeds are available.
    2- The download limit is 7GB for all connections speeds.
    3- For every extra 1GB download you have to pay JOD 7 a month.
    4- Using this connection, as mentioned by Khalid, can save you JOD 100 a year.

    You should also know that Umnia’s coverage on mobiles are limited and not that efficient, imagine how it could be for Wi Max! Also, it have just born, you can’t depend on it, not before hearing some experiences.

  • oh oh right i forgot to mention, the Umax is completely independant of the umnia brodcasting, i asked a bout this, the internet signakl is completelty diferent radio signal, not related in any way to their GSM signals. and hence it cant be compared. whis was my concern when i called and asked them ans this was their answer.


  • Nasim, congratulations in getting into the Uof London.
    I guess you need a decent connection to finish off your studies peacefully. I’m not sure how the distance learning works for the UofL, but if there will be no live lectures, I guess you are safe. Videos need a decent connection and eats a lots of your bandwidth. So if you will be downloading a lot of course materials, like videos and course notes, consider Cyberia and there unlimited downloading policy http://www.cyberia.jo/consumer/broadband_dsl/prices.asp

    Also consider having a backup connection (aka. your neighbor connection) or one of those prepaid ADSL cards http://www.farahadsl.com/ , or Cyberia’s.

    I’m not sure how much you are budgeting for this, but if there will be lots of video streaming and , consider the UMax thing and be prepared for paying 7Jd/extra 1 GB of bandwidth, their connection is capped at 10GB

    Dude you’ve interviewed Hanania about the UMax, you should know better,like ask for a test drive or something, a test that will take you 1 year and at your home 😉

  • Any other feedback on orange internet service?

    I know they have some new and cool technologies. I am coming back to amman end of this year and I am shopping for the best service – like what Nas is doing.

    any feedback on orange is greatly appreciated!

  • Thanks for all the feedback guys and gals, it was very helpful!

    bambam: that was just a (bad) joke 😉

    Firas: thanks for the advise. yes i interviewed hanania, and he was kind of enough to let us test drive umax before it came out for commercial release, however it doesn’t work in my area.

  • Khalid: Yes it’s a different network (equipments) and still under installing to cover the maximum area possible. I meant that if their GSM is bad (which is their basic network) how worse could their Wi Max be?!

  • Nassem,,I noticed when the subject that you posting has little or no substance many Jordanian bloggers start chatting and offering their pearl of wisdom ,but when you post about torture in Jordanian jails nobody or at least few will comment why all these Jordanian bloggers are afraid to comment on a very critical subject?

  • moey: thanks for the review man 😀

    alurdunialhurr: come on man, “little or no substance” is a bit harsh 😀

    anyways…we can’t always be serious all the time, otherwise life would become less interesting. and in any case, you can’t force people to comment on some things and not on others. moreover, saying it is out of fear, implies its the only motive…for many, it’s just not their cup of tea. and that’s fine too. it’s called diversity.

    in any case…i think a nice debate is springing up there 🙂

  • Nas, I would recommend FastLinkData, aka JDCS, they are super fine, I am online with them since 8/2006, never had to call them, download rate is over 50 kbps, streaming is stopless “I am on 512 kbps / 5 MB”

    and I agree that Cyberia sucks

  • I have a 2 meg DSL with Orange in my Amman apartment, and a dedicated E1 from Index (now Cyberia) in my Irbid house (requires a mux). Both are the same, except for the upload speed, which shows a quantum jump from 256 (DSL) to 2048 (E1). I highly recommend a dedicated connection with any service provider (a bit expensive thu), or a decent (2meg) DSL connection with Orange or Fastlink (formerly Linkdotnet); they’re the only ones who offer 2meg DSL service, others offer higher speeds for dedicated plans only.

    If you might be facing bandwidth issues, go for prepaid DSL cards from Index, or simply go with a plan that has no bandwidth restrictions during nights and weekends (available with nets/batelco only; I assume)

  • Stay away from Orange at all cost, their service is crappy as of late, I don’t how some people recommended it here! Download speeds are graet but the ping times sucks, this means that you will get terrible web browsing experience.

    WiMax is still new, and backed by Batelco, which is an another ISP with a ruined reputation as well.

    I’d say go with TE-DATA or Cyberia.

  • I don’t know which ISP is the best, but the thing I know and that I’m sure of is that ORANGE sucks big time, so stay away from Orange.

  • all the isp’s kiss my ass. they all the same. doesnt make any difference.
    they all share the same lines.

    we should start putting fiber optics like other arab countries because the
    situation is really getting rediculous.

    2mb is a rediculous speed. and we still stuck here. after 3-4 years on 1mb
    are we going to stay like this?????

    the internet is not just about surfing or reading email anymore.
    the Jordan Telecom needs to understand that network public places or internet cafes
    and workstations need alot of bandwith. not just for homes.

    again, other arab countries started to put fiber optic to replace the
    old copper lines while we are still on the old lines

    i thought jordan always have new technologys and etc.
    i know fiber optix need alot of money but they can afford that im 100% sure.

  • I have an Orange 2 MB connection in Irbid and it is extremly bad! I use it to connec to the US and after 4 PM my speed drops significantly sometimed to 100 K/s! Thier customer service is clueless and not helpfull at all. I have a 12 MB in the US!!

  • Orange is by far the worst ADSL providor I have encountered in my life in any country. If you do anything with sensitivity such as a VPN or VoIP then the average rate of 15% dropped packets will ruin your life. At one point if you pinged google.com you got average return times of 4000ms and 25% dropped packets. This lasted every day from 3 pm until 1:00am every day for close to a month a a half. the customer service is pathetic and the deal is a rip off.

    Go to anyone else, TeData , BatelCo, etc etc. Most of these have unlimtied downloads during certain times. I have looked at all teh deals… Orange has an anvantage and instead of using it they are abusing it. I challenge anyone to refute these statements, orange needs to get what it deserves and have custiomers leave it en masse.

  • @ Thomas. man they all the same. no difference
    they use the same lines. that means the same shit. unless we start deploying fibers
    we will stay getting garbage internet

  • Hey guys,
    Totally agree with how crap Orange is at the moment, but really is there any choice?
    I’ve been in Jordan 7 years now (married a local too) and the only service provider that seems to stand above the stench of dead ISP’s unfortunately is Orange. Simply because they dont have the same down-time as the others such as Cyberia and Batelco. Customer support sucks as well, in English (my native language) or in Arabic (When I get fed up and the wife talks to them). I’ll give you a class prime example, the internet goes down which it normally does about three times a month or so ranging between 1 hour to about 10 hours. If you phone them, they will not answer and 9/10 you wont even get through because they disconnect the SUPPORT LINES! fact!
    So if your internet goes down, ask a mate who’s got the same connection as you if they have internet, if they do and you don’t, phone up Orange, if they don’t then forget it for a while.

    Another thing, is the ridiculous bandwidth limitations, if your an average citizen in Jordan with a 512K connection, download is capped at 5GB. Which means that if you your entire windows Vista updates, combined with MS Office 2007 updates and new service pack downloads as well as adobe updates and anti-virus updates (you get the picture). You get your bandwidth chopped not in half but in QUARTER to a measly 128K. I’m gonna be upgrading to a 2MB connection because those limitations are about as pointless as having Gary Glitter or Michael Jackson work at a school.

  • okay.. this sux….
    i mean wtf??

    its a small country with merely 5 million ppl.. with only some hundred thousands customers shared by not 1 or 2. but more than 5 dsl isp

    yet each have to set some rediclous download cap/.. 10gb is nothing.. only ice age countries state such cap(us…)… and dont they feel kinda embarressed to even offer something like 128kb.. i mean 256 is considered waaay too low.. yet its kinda okaay to suggest it as the lowest/cheapest plan.. but wtf is 128kb?

    u might think okay, it will improve by time.. yet lol:

    cyberia.. they have 7am–7pm -> 128kb and … 7pm-7am -> sharing.. starting this month… very nice huge step to the dark ages.. bet u 80% of their customers will change isp in the summer as soon as they realise wats happening, if you’re cyberia plz call them, u’ll laugh ur ass while hearing how they talk, as if this policy isnt new, seems brainwashed and dont remember anything like sharing at morning and unlimited dl at night lol..

    if ur not cyberia.. then dont think of it.. its out of the competition starting this month, was doing more than fine compared to others, but well…

    anyhow… im at irbid atm… and thinking(despite all the warnings).. to go .. orange?

    i dont care if dl rate drops from 200 to 100 coz i wont remain under the cap limit for more than 2-4 dayz XD
    . but.. 2 main questions

    1- ping? i can guess it sux.. but can someone check it plz (to check, easy.. start menu.. run.. type “cmd” run…. command promote will appear.. type “ping http://www.google.com” … and enter.. some numbers will start to appear.. just read the very last number shown “average: XX ms ” hopefully its less than 100ms, which is quiet huge)

    2- hows the net when u exceed the limit , and down to 512kb.. is it stable? dl rate? streaming?

    still got 2 months left for cyberia contract.. advices here would be MORE than welcomed ^^

  • hi everyone
    this is my first post in my life
    i would like to give you a brief history about my subscribtion to adsl in jordan.
    in 2006 i subscribed to tedata 1 Mb unlimited “about 360 JD a year”, and let me tell you people it was really something i mean i used to download like 7 GB a day (about 200 GB every month) and serfing youtube smoothly magicly and gaming without any problem and suddenly it vanished and i woke up some day to find the so called new policy of the firm i didnt believe it , it was the only isp that give you unlimited dl then it became just the same as every isp there. The funniest thing about it was the salesman, he told me with a disgusting smirk that you can renew your unlimited package with 6000 JD a year, man do you believe it. i was forced to subscribe with them for 3 months in the 1 Mb limited pack.

    of course u know how easy to finish the download limit in 2 days and how painful to get a long with the
    damn 256 Kb in the remaining 28 days of the month.
    then i heard about cyberia and about their offer
    10 GB limitation then 7am–7pm -> 128kb and … 7pm-7am -> 1 Mb .
    i was relieved and without any hesitation i subscribed with them .their service was really good
    finally before 2 months i renewed my subscribtion with them
    after i exceeded the limitation i found something wierd
    i used to get the full speed after 7 pm , but nowwwww
    its gone baby
    now the speed after 7 pm is shared means you get (256 to 512) Kb
    i gave them a call
    by the way i really like the “brainwash” thing Ali Abdulla loooooooool
    i didnt believe it, i was shouting at them on the phone as they responed coldly and told me cyberia
    never had 1 Mb after 7 pm
    now cyberia sucks.
    now the most important question
    isnt the internet service supposed to get better?
    why are they insisting on getting worse ?
    is it because greed i mean the more speed sharing the more profit for them
    as long they are capping and doing the stupid speed traffic limitation they are getting more and more profit
    My bro in KSA told me that he got 1 Mb unlimited with around (50 JD a month)
    do you believe in KSA they have up t 6 Mb unlimited
    i dont want to waste more of your time
    my subscribtion will end after 1 month with stupid cyberia
    does any body know a better isp plzzzzz i beg you tell me
    i heard about 2 isps does any body know anything about them
    i need a fast reply plzzzz
    can i have 2 ways satellite internet in jordan and how much does it cost plz if any one can post some links it will be appriciated
    thank you

  • hmm well if u are one of the lucky ones that are in the service area of JSC then i would go with them since they have what you want…. (btw google JSC its a cable company in jordan, i know it sounds weird that no one ever heard of it, the office is in gardens street next to sarawat and on the flat that has that hsbc ATM)
    but other than that ur SOL son ! oh … or u can actually go with zain since they have the best offer on the market now and a decent service (much better than their million and a half other names that they operated under)

  • ok after all the talk and advertisement on your service provider ability
    how about a phone number to obtain your services “think smart” not just talk
    how we call where provide info not tons of compliments and no way of getting hold of your company

  • oh … i’m just anti marketing so i don’t bother providing details, although i did provide a location and a method of getting hold of their number 😉
    anyways i’m in no way affiliated with the company and hardly a subscriber (my brother is and i just leech of his account) and like i said before “think smart” and google it you’ll get this


  • HI all ..
    I’ve just finished browsing the jsc website http://www.jcs.jo/index.php and they are too good to be true !
    i am currently with orange 1mb/10gb–>256kps and they suck !
    they lie about download limit any download i do gets x2 , that means if i download 1 gb they count 2 gbs !
    i don’t know if anyone else have this problem , but the 256kps is pretty bad connection , i cant watch videos and never ever think about downloading anything!

    and to be fair with orange they do have one tiny good quality which is ping , the ping is always good so i can still play games online even on 256kps.

    If JSC is what they say I’m switching to them instantly without any hesitates , any one who is subscribed with them plz enlighten us .

  • Hi all
    It seems that jcs is the leading isp for the next decade
    the have new fiber optics that are capable of maintaining high speed connection
    they really have 2 Mbps unlimited package with just 39 JD per month
    installation fee is 46 JD
    in 2 to 3 months they will reach all amman
    in 2 to 3 months they will upgrade the connection and finally we will see the 4 Mbps 8 Mbps and so on
    it is the solution
    they are the only one that gives you unlimited traffic
    if you are in their range i stongly suggest that you pay them a visit and dont forget to bring you money . they are located in the gardenz street

  • I am on Orange 2mb, it started good, but for last few months, the Quality is VERY BAD. . I can not watch any youtube videos properly, every 3 seconds it STOPS.

    I am from UK, we are getting 50MB Cable Connection there. Yes, FIFTY with Virgin Broadband. At same price as 2mb Orange here…….

    Most things in Jordan are like this>
    1. Expensive
    2. Low Quality.

    Customer Service is ATROCIOUS, no matter where you go, it is BAD. If you go to some restaurant (most are such low quality and dirty, i dont even bother going) the waiters just are rude and throw food around… If you go Carrefour or other supermarket expect same Rude, unhelpful people.

    In Jordan, people are USED TO this, so they do not bother to complain, do not bother to have any independent consumer bodies setup, like is done in Western Countries.

    Infact, this Issue goes DEEPER than just ISP, it is a whole society and region that is effected.

    It is important for people to get off their lazy asses and actually do something to MAKE A CHANGE. Stop being frightened and speak up. Or do you have to wait for a Westerner to come and do that? (like most things in this region)

    The ARabs used to be World Leaders in Ettiquette, Hospitality and Sticking up for the TRUTH… and Rejecting all those who would do wrong, whether it was extortion, bribery and cheating or inhumanity. . Now what has happened?

  • Actually, Just even look at the Roads, we have no Pavement to walk on… and when there IS Pavement, some Stupid person decides plant Trees in the Middle of the pavement….

    Where are the Green Open spaces that Obsorb the Pollution and help Make the city greener?????

    Are you content for your children and the generations to come, to live in a Dirty, overcrowded, pollution ridden city, where GREED and selfishness are what motivates city development?

    There needs tighter legislation and Amman needs clean its act up

    -End of Rant.. although, I could go on, I do like this city and country and the people, but there some niggling things that need to be addressed.

  • “The ARabs used to be World Leaders in Ettiquette, Hospitality and Sticking up for the TRUTH… and Rejecting all those who would do wrong, whether it was extortion, bribery and cheating or inhumanity. . Now what has happened?”

    Not that all this “crap” is warranted here on this thread, but i was curious as to when was that ever true. oh oh oh and please entertain me with something a bit more than the crass name calling and defeatist allegation my room is getting flooded with writs for that and i can’t bothered with them.

  • I said it was rant, get over it.. and there was no name calling. I like Jordan.

    And yes, ettiquette, hospitality and honesty were something that the people had, such as the Muslims of the Quraish and other Arab tribes.

    It is not “crap”, it is history. It is also something that is taught to Muslims.

  • where can I find internet provider that has 7 pam to 7 am free conection
    and as an advice if you guys provide a comment on a company have the courtesy to provide the web link to thant company or the phone number. somekinda of lead information on how to contact that company. lets be a little inteligant after all its the year 2008. not just “he is good ” well who is he daaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    like this comment

    ” Qabbani on Dec 2nd, 2007 said:
    well , the best offer you can get from Cypira so far

    they offer 10GB with 512 , and i guess 15GB with 1024 ,

    even if you reach your limit the speed

    7.00pm – 7.00am dose not effect ,

    any way as i know WI max from Zain and Orange going to lunch soon”.
    please Arabs have brains lets use them as well like modern country people

  • Dear All,

    I am subscriber at TE Data and they have a wonderfull offer for new users which starts with 91 JDs per year for 128 Kbps, do you belive that??!!
    Anyway currently i am satisfied with the performance of the connection & the download speed, i have tested two providers before but actually the performance ot TE Data -till now- is ok for me however it can’t be copmared with their previous unlimtted download offer.
    I have noticed that they actually trying to improve theirselfes from my point of view.


  • Hey peeps,
    Basically everything said here is right..internet in Jordan isn’t growing, it’s becoming far worse. I especially loved how orange “lowered prices” on their services. Take the 512 kbps connection, they lowered the price 2 JD- but here’s the catch- the limit is now 3GB! I mean, it’s not like 5 GB was any good, but friggin 3?!! Now if you actually want to raise the limit you pay 3 JD per GB, so to get back to 5 GB would cost 6 JD. take 2 JD out of that and you’ve got a 4 JD net GAIN in prices….beautiful huh?
    In addition the service has actually become far worse; naturally , I finished the limit within the first couple of days, but the speed didn’t dip down to 128 kbps- that would’ve been a blessing. Instead i got speeds around 40-60 kbps depending on the time of day…now isn’t that wonderful?
    Anyway, just wanted to share my Jordanian internet woes with somebody, before i explode…anyone would with ADSL slower than dial-up!
    Of course, it’s not like I don’t know why this is happening… it’s pretty obvious. When companies first started offering ADSL in Jordan a few years back, they underestimated Jordanians. They never expected the never expected high(?) speed internet to be this widely demanded in Jordan, so they of course neglected trying to build the proper infrastructure, and we are now operating with an infrastructure that isn”t even meant to take one third of the load we’re dropping on it… so that’s why internet in Jordan sucks. It isn’t profit, although i suspect that’s what’s holding them back from actually trying to improve it. It’s sad really, internet in jordan has been around since the mid 90’s and this is all we’ve grown? I believe it was Yemen that got internet in 2004 and by now they have 8 mbps… we’ve had a 2 mnbps max for 2 years now. The US’s internet services I don’t want to mention… but some may not know the magnitude of the difference, In the states I had a connection at 20 mbps with 5mbps Upload…for about 50$ a month! thats less than i pay here for 512 kbps. Oh, and please don’t say thatAmerica can’t be compared….they may have better resources, but tey also have like 100 times more area to cover with their planning and infrastructure. I guess my point here is basically that i want to express my disappointment in another failure out here… It’s sad.

    Ok now this is becoming ranty, so I’ll just stop here, no one needs to here what they already know. I just wish there there was something we could do about how pathetic everything here is( not just internet). Can’t we petition somebody? Or do petitions not exist in Jordan? Ok , enough said for now, cya all later….

  • it was painful enough that the service isn’t improving..

    but to think it can ever get worse.. AGAIN.. thats sad

    orange limit for 2mb is now 10 instead of 12(not that it makes any diff.. but i mean its just pathetic) ..
    altho they have some bugs.. for instance i reached 22gb dl b4 they appllied a limit for me 😀

    also.. im not sure about this one .. but from wat it seems… they refresh download rate at the first of the month.. and i registered arround the 20th… so last month i reached my limit arround 30th… but it was refreshed at 1st of this month.. so hopefully this means in 8 dayz i should have my limit refreshed, and refreshed again by the start of the new month XD… etc, u get the pic.. its a 20% chance ^^

    about JIC… the offer cant sound any better(ofc its expensive compared to other countries.. but its jordan after all).. just sux big time, i live at Irbid.. and by the time they reach me. i would be long gone…

  • oh btw…

    in Egypt new offer.. vodaphone…

    normal Adsl line…

    1 megabyte.. unlimited traffic browsing/streaming etc…
    limited p2p.. 7gb cap to p2p(limewire/torrents) .. after cap is reached.. p2p ONLY becomse 256kp…browsing/streaming remains 1mb

    so if u have rapidshare acc.. u can say its about unlimited traffic 😀

    all with TOTAL OF 130 pounds… thats about dunno.. 15 Jd or somthing…

    plus free wireless router and set up..


    i’ll go back to my 20kb dl.. or so called 512kb dsll ine..

  • recently i subscribed with sama telecom for 512kbs ADSL and unfourtunatly i paid for one year.i had to use internet for voice and vid,i was
    know that voice and vid need at least speed of 128kbs-in both directions,download and upload- from the point of view of theory to give
    an almost bit accepted performance.but after i subscribed, i remembered that ADSL doesnt offer
    the same BW for both directions. it gives 512kbs for download and 128kbs for upload as an example
    for 512kbs subscribtion.with actual values of 443kbs and 63kbs for download and upload as in my case.so that,i ‘ve never benefit from this ****ing subscribtion.if i were subscribed with DSL with
    256kbs instead of 512kbs ADSL then i wil be therefore satisfied .i advise everyone interested with VID/AUDIO and incridible internet experience to subscribe for DSL or leased line and not for ADSL.leased line and DSL is bit expensive than ****ing ADSL.

  • Hello,

    Greetings from Toronto, Canada
    I’ve been going through all the posts and would like some assistance.

    I will be in Amman for about 3 weeks this coming December.
    What I’m looking for is some sort of short term Internet connection account.

    Would Umnia’s WiMax be a good option?
    I will be staying in the Sweifieh area.

    Would really appreciate any input.

  • We’ve been with Cyberia, which totally sucks, and since it’s a year contract we’re stuck until November. It uses the Orange lines, and they suck too. I could tell so many stories. For the last month our internet cuts for hours at a time, mostly in the evening, when we try to call our families in America with Vonage. Neither Orange nor Cyberia will do a thing to help.
    Basically after living in this country for four years, we’ve given up on the idea of getting decent customer service, so we may go to Orange. We figure all the companies are bad, and since we have to deal with them and their rotten line, we might as well deal with them as ISP too, instead of having to deal with two companies and the incessant blame-shifting.
    Very curious about Umnia’s WiMax. Would it work with VoIP? Our Vonage device seems to need an actual wire to plug into it. If people are satisfied with WiMax, I’d like to try it, and ditch our landline completely. Freedom from Orange is a very exciting prospect.
    Also interested in JSC. I’d like to know if other people are happy with it.
    I can totally relate to Ameer’s rant on customer service. Maybe some of you are Jordanians and go to shops where they know you and your family, so it’s not a problem. But let me tell you, as a foreigner I go to a restaurant or shop and I feel like they’re thinking “Oh no, another pain in the ass customer” or “Ooh, a foreigner, time to cash in.”

  • Don’t get me wrong, Jordan’s a great country, and some Jordanians don’t appreciate how great it is. I can just see how things could be so much better, and folks like you (young, educated, with at least some wealth) are the ones who are capable of making change happen.

  • greetings to all
    khaldoun ,
    i have UMax at work at 512 kps speed and its very good , it has some problems but its better than any other company EXCEPT JCS , coz i don’t know anything about them except that when i called them they said that they didn’t reach my area and that i;ll be hearing from them soon !

    i really wish that someone with JCS would tell us about their service quality .

  • It is time to speak my mind about my life in Jordan. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. Until you give them a freaking steering wheel. They instantly transform into the Rude, cold, heartless bastards that is the worst that any society has to offer. Well, that should just about cover my trip home from the supermarket.
    ISP ??? The number one problem here is no one, I repeat No One wants to be held accountable for anything. It’s always someone elses fault or problem. Unfulfilled promises. I need an ISP that will be there when I need to get online, One that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Well, it just isn’t gonna happen here because No One here is willing to take responsibility. I will be back in the future to finish my thoughts.

  • hello all

    Same situation here, looking for the best ISP option:

    Wimax :
    I used to think wifi is best tech. combined with the internet service, but it is bad, you have to have the Tx and Rx at same level and without any objects between them or walls or trees or anything, so I guess wimax is the same so you will have problems from JTC (Jordan Tele. com.) and then wireless problems . look at Umniah coverage map , it does not cover some areas that are in the middle of their covered area, buildings and mountains and so plays a major role here .

    So it’s Double trouble !

    Umniah 4 example,
    1- Wimax (Negative)
    2- COS (Classes Of Service )
    what is this ? all subscribers should have same class , the connection speed should be the only difference, this is a big negative .
    3-Umniah cell phone quality (Bad as I hear)so I dont expect a lot from them in Internet.

    “Witribe” (wireless owned by Qtel).. a lot of complaints just a day ago in the newspaper !

    Farah and Sama ?! I don’t expect much !

    Unlimited Download:

    guys you will never have such thing with the current download speeds which tells a lot about the general situation in Jordan,
    TE data did it when they had limited number of subscribers, now they have a lot more to serve and the same to offer so no more unlimited!

    But TE data is offering 24 Mbps in Egypt and unlimited accounts (fair use policy: 100-150 GB a month) and the price is excellent (for Jordanians) but 24 Mbps tells you a lot about Egypt situation!


    JCS Jordan cable services (limited coverage – gardens st. and part of rabieh and tla3 el3ali) is offering unlimited download plus 70 sat TV channels but I guess it will be just until they have enough customers then they will have to limit their use , the 50 Mbps is just a network speed between its subscribers !

    As you all know the problem is in JTC , they sell bandwidth to ISPs so ISPs with many subscribers can’t offer unlimited download in the current situation, maybe when we reach 24 Mbps or unlimited accounts ads, you will know that Jordan has reached the level where you will pay 30 JD for 1Mb monthly sub. with unlimited download .

    Fastlink , ya zain … not very zain 🙂

    Is vague as always !

    Their websites say “e3sar elsor3a” is a “corporate” offer but on phone they say for anybody !

    They pay for you in (e3sar elsor3a) JTC setup fees and the monthly subscription (12 JD) but they make you pay 322 JD a year for 1Mbps and 8GB limit.

    In Home ADSL you pay for JTC setup + monthly but you pay more for Zain but you have 10 GB , they have 16GB but thats for another higher price.

    As I see it maybe Zain (not very zain) is my best choice, maybe …

    but since JTC is part of all this , I don’t hope much 🙁

    citizen.2020 a t g m a i l d o t c o m

  • the fact that u have to Subscribe for a whole year to get 1,2 mb is just not right, and eliminate huge factor of competition. im still stuck with orange for like 6more months :S…. still as for now it seems the “less” worst at the moment..

    hows the ping times/latency in Zain?

  • hey guys.. i just heard about satellite internet and i guess it’s provided by orbit and im wondering if it’s cheaper than the standard service and if the bandwidth cap problem is solved or not … anyone got idea about this service plz post

  • Satellite internet, im 1 year outdated, but, for starters you need to either buy/rent certain equipments, which arent cheap. and the service is not cheap at all, but who knows maybe cheaper now

    second, they used to offer the same normal speeds, 1mb 512kb etc, but i guess they are faster now.

    third, the ping/latency is way slower, browsing/gaming is pretty bad, and more data loss than usual(think of it as a 3G like connection, but slightly better i “think”, not sure). dont think they can fix that part by now..

    forth, im not sure if its even allowed to be used by regular civilians in Jordan(governments in the Arab world like to keep an eye on whats everyone browsing , and they cant spy on satellite connection). for all i know, the only ones using satellite internet in the Middle East would be the US soldiers..

    Good news in Orange(maybe other isp too), probably not everyone had noticed it, but, for me, i can download(ofcourse direct download, not torrents, didnt test torrents yet but i doubt) and Game at the same time.

    so im downloading from Rapidshare at full speed, and playing CounterStrike with 62ms ^^

    i Dont know what exactly they did, i guess they changed some infrastructure here or there. maybe have something to do with introducing those new speeds. anyways it just rocks! 😀

    maybe the prices and limits are crappy, but man you gotta love the speed/quality of Jordan’s internet(compared to arab countries)

  • Excuse my language.
    All Jordan ISPs are “ikhwan *******” I tried them all.
    There is no competition between them they all suck.

    (edited for language)

  • JCS gets its supply of internet from JTC or from the 5 satellites over its building? if you have a JCS connection and don’t mind testing ping time on any Europe server using http://www.speedtest.net/ ,
    p lease do tell! since satellites connections suck for gaming.

    Would like to change from Orange due to unreasonable limit , which i reach just by gaming/voip/game patchs , i don’t download torrents or media files.

    Thanks for info.

  • PP, if ur a gamer

    as far as i can tell, Orange is fine…(dont try Cyberia, most hours of the day the latency is 4000ms with a Euro server, and goes to 70ms at late night or early mornings only===> 3am-9am…)

    for all i know, if u can afford an orange 4mb line(it goes down to 1mb unlimited after 15gb), then its the best deal in the market.. 1mb isnt that fast, but its enough really for streaming/gaming/download..

    ofcourse you do know that JCS service is limited to a very small area around the gardens street…

  • I hope this cable cut gets fixed soon, I’m with Orange and it sucks bigtime. I’m a bigtime gamer and I’m getting annoyed!

  • I tried most of the damn isp’s in the last 8 years or so
    at the moment i am forced to pay for 2 accounts !!!
    i have a 2 meg account with JCS . to be honest the only company with good customer service but its always the same problem , all companies buy internet of orange , so whats the point of all those isps i got no idea

    anyways JCS is best if u wanna download but again i think they had increased there number of customers and lately speeds going downhill
    but end of the day its ulimited , i can push 6 giga a day now . compared to other places ( THATS Heaven )
    sad part there ping sucks , and lots of internet cuts coz they use a cheap stupid way to spread there network ,
    if u want a connection for browsing and downloading , JCs is ur only solution and if ur not in coverage , tough luck . maybe move ur house 😛
    for gaming its simple . no one is better than orange. i play wow on my free time and after trying all those isp’s simply stay with orange no one is better . no matter what ppl tell u . all isp’s have limited bandwidth they buy off ORANGe , while orange got all the bandwidth of internet in jordan , thats why when u download at full speed , ur ping stays normal while playing games for example,

    for me i use jcs for download only on newsgroups and orange 1 meg for gaming and voice.
    and about the rants , will its damn sad when u see ppl in europe like sweden ,norway or norway now having 100 meg connection to 1 gig connection to there homes ….
    while 90% of jordan isp’s dont even have 1 gig bandwidth !! some not even 100 meg

  • Thanks for input Ali and Shadi , i might stay with orange , it seems they increased their limits on ADSL connections by a little.

  • anyways JCS is best if u wanna download but again i think they had increased there number of customers and lately speeds going downhill
    but end of the day its ulimited

    what u’r trying to say is “you can get the full speed” or the download is unlimited ?????

  • I was on Orange till I switched to TEData sometime ago, The Best thing about TEData is their customer service and support, they are nice people who responded to all my questions within few hours. In contrast to Orange which has non-knowledgable robotic programmed staff who totally make you want to explode out of anger, and which takes you hours to contact on their 1214 number. The only way the respond to you is by email :O

    As far as Umniah is concerened, I have tried several times to send them emails requesting some info but none whatsover cared to reply back so I immediatly ditched them.

    As of prices, at the time of writing I find TEData a good choice, a 512kb line including JordanTelecom fees cot me 250JD for a year subscribtion. They give away a 9GB Bandwidth, and after the cap is reached I get full speed on Fridays and from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM which so far I find satisfying.

    I hope everybody shares his/her experience with every ISP they subscribed to for the benefit of all of us! 🙂


    I have come to the decision that TEData is misleading, disloyal, dishonest and with no credibility towards its customers and assumes that the majority of its customer base is naive or even stupid.

    I subscribed to their 512kb/9GB plan (still on 128kb because orange did not upgrade speed yet), but here is the catch:

    I am a computer engineer myself and know many technical stuff, so after my subscription I installed accurate download monitoring programs which count how many MBs I have downloaded. Here is the trick of TEData, if you download 25 or 30 MB, they subtract 100-130 of your balance, If my connection is idle – that is I am not using the net – they subtract 55-80 MB/hour!!! they trick you and eat up your quota very quickly.

    I have contacted customer support and reported the issue, they said their was a small mistake in my account, they restored 1GB to my remaining download and said everything was OK, but it was not, in less than few hours, they subtracted 600+ MB of my balance, How on earth could a 128kb connection consume that much in less than 4 hours!!!!!!

    I filed a complaint to the manager still waiting for a response!

    People, BE CAUTIOUS and monitor your downloads, use tbbmeter program to monitor how much you REALLY download

  • I have been all over the ISP issue in Jordan, and I can tell you now, none of them is worth it. Every company is a ripoff or scam that sells people too much ‘promised’ bandwidth that is never delivered. As well as the high latency or ping, but their hardly to blame for that. HOWEVER, speeds are a disgrace, Jordanians can simply never catch up with the modern age if their internet is too slow, too limited, and too expensive. Moreover, customer support is the worst i have ever seen, call them, and either you don’t get through, or even worse, you DO get through.. but this is the part where they act dumb, unless they actually are. These ISP companies run scams such as jumping your quota in order to maintain just barely enough bandwidth to support their customers. Not to mention how they scam people in thinking that 200 Kilobytes per second is the same as the 2048 Kilobits per second that we pay for, and this applies to all the speeds that we pay for, they simply assume Jordanians are naive and uneducated that we cant figure out that our speed SHOULD BE 256, or AT LEAST close, where 10 percent of the time (if your lucky) you get 200, and if you download from your ISP’s **LOCAL** server, to check the cap of your bandwidth, it would be around 200, if not less, AT ANY TIME. If you complain about the speed to customer support, they would ask you to go to some website, download, and if you tell them your download speed is 200, theyll tell you your internet is working fine, or theyll give the excuse that the bandwidth is under pressure. WELL I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS, JORDANIAN ISP’S LIMIT YOUR BANDWITH TO LOWER THAN IT SHOULD BE!!!!! some isps even boast that they are below the 80% bandwidth international standard ,, well i wonder how they achieved THAT!!!. I even remember an orange representative being asked on whether they plan to increase bandwidth, she replied that they were well within their customer bandwidth, as well as being no demand or need for more bandwidth, such an increase would not be necessary (that was last year in a magazine). SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE:

    1) LOW SPEEDS AND HIGH PING, not getting as much speeds as promised, tricking people into believing that for example 200 Kilobytes per second is the same as 2048 Kilobits per second which we payed for, when IN FACT it should be 256, and same applies to all speeds, and this is not a bandwidth issue from the ISP, it is a CAP or LIMIT that they apply from the company, effectively saving on 20% of their bandwidth!!!

    2) POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT that either acts dumb or tells you that there is nothing wrong, often asking you to disconnect your modem and router for a while, then telling you that it might be a problem with your router (Yea right) and to connect directly.

    3) JUMPING YOUR QUOTA in order to lessen your speeds to an even lower level when you don’t even download anything, for example in batelco, you used to be able to go into their website and monitor your downloading, however after noticing some very false values (EVEN AFTER I WAS LIMITED, i was boasting more download capacity than ever possible) and calling them on the phone several times, they removed the feature!!!!


  • I will write from my Experience But I will start from the worst
    1. Cyberia.Jo http://www.cyberia.jo/
    I think they must close there service and try something else like falafel or Shawerma
    If you are so unlucky and try there bad service It’s so natural to get the following message every time
    you try to browse a site not in there cache system server you will get the following message
    Network Error (tcp_error)

    A communication error occurred: “”
    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

    For assistance, contact your network support team.
    Don’t Panic So natural
    2. Umniah.jo http://www.umniah.com/umniah/main.aspx
    Bad customer support after 2 days of call you don’t know who will help you , Don’t try to access any https SSL because they don’t allow
    To be continued

  • ******** Worst Internet Provider is Cyberia ***********

    Cyberia have the worst internet service ever :
    1- You get less than your download limit (I actually monitored the download limit)
    2- You manually have to reset your speed every month (I called them wondering why I am not having my full internet speed at the start of new month, they told me : You have to unplug the modem and switch it off/ on to get full speed 🙂
    3- Problems with their authentication server that keeps disconnecting users.I have to call them and tell them their server will not let me connect to the internet.They told me : You have to unplug the modem and switch it off/ on .

  • Hey guys, anybody has anything to say about Umnia Wireless Umax or Wi-Tribe? I have Orange ADSL and same ‘ol B.S. that everyone has been complaining about. I am thinking about switching to the wireless B.Band….Thanks

  • i want 1 giga conection not less or more with a good ping so i can play online games and host them and to let me download any thing in nigh without and downraged which internet providor can give me this

  • i do download alot, but i have patience, dosnt matter if download ends at 4pm or 9pm, my downloads are faster than my watching anywayz..

    but wat rrly pisses me off, ping speeds, it was fine 3 months ago. now however they suck ass. a minimum of 100ms and an average of 200. u cant play shooting games that way :@.. f the speed, just start by fixing the ping at least.. shouldnt be that costy :S..

    can anyone tell me, hows Zain ping?
    can it reach 50-80ms say in german servers?(orange used to, 3months ago)

  • Hi shabab,

    Is there any offers for visitors who usually visit Jordan during Summer (July, August & September)?

  • Hello, I have been a customer with Orange ADSL 2mbit connection for about 2 years now. of course it’s a bad service but that’s besides the point now…

    i used to be OK when they downgraded my speed every month from 2mbit/s to 512kb/s when i reached 12 GB downloads. but now, beginning this month (august 2009) when you download 12GB you will downgraded to 128kb/s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is outrageous! that’s almost the same speed as DIAL UP! of course i’m goning to try and dissconnect the connection and end my subscription as soon as possible. this is just unbearable 🙁

  • u know wht guys? DSL sucks in Jordan, and I’m proud to be Jordanian where at least I know I’m offline all the time……………

    Peace out

  • Wahla shabab, these companies are raping you off, what the f***k with the download limitation?!!! These services cost these companies cents and they charge you hundred of dollars, and the services are sucks. 260JD you are talking around $30 a month? In
    USA I pay $35 a month to get 3GB download speed with 756MB upload speed. You may say this is the middle east, ok when I was in Iraq 4 years a go, I got a wireless Internet for 35 dollars 4 times faster than the speed in Jordan, the question is isn’t there any wireless companies “net café” that can provide you with a decent wireless services, without a download limitation?

  • i’m subscribe with NEXT, and very happy with thier quality of service.
    the 1024 with 10GB limit costs around 360JD’s, but after trying other big ISP’s i think it’s worth it.
    the cost is for the ADSL fees and internet fees (no Orange bills for ADSL)
    i’ve never had to call thier support (unless it was a problem from the lines — orange problem), and they are always helpfull, they also open the ticket for you and get back to you with an answer (so no dealing with Orange customer service 🙂 ) woohooo
    you can also request a SIP device from them to make your internationl calls with low rate and good quality (no extra charges for the device).
    and you don’t pay for Orange ADSL if you tell NEXT that you want them to switch you to the one bill.

  • i called NEXT to check if they have offer to compete with other ISP offers, they are an ISP that is not really well know to home users, cause all of their customers are business, comapnies and schools.
    they have their prices on the site:
    but what’s not mentioned on the site is that there is no limitation on the download between 12 midnight till 8AM in the morning and no limitaioin on Friday’s.
    so, for me i use my browing during the day, and queue all my download at night 🙂
    and on fridays, this makes alot of difference, and the speed is always good, i guess cause the majority of thier customers (companies are not working after 6PM).

    i realy recommend them, i never had a proble it them.

  • Well as i have try orange for 2 year and there customer support its was way suck when you try to connect with them about a problem and try Zain ADSL its was perfect so far and i have try Zain Wi-Max IT SO SUCK WHEN you get more than your limit download dail up its faster than they reduce it well now i am going to try Stream as they have nice Price with ALL THE DAY FREE DOWNLOAD 24/7 unlimited Download!!

  • hello ppl
    i have been using orange for almost 2 years and they are not bad but stii…
    i want to change to jcs is it any good?

  • ok i just came cross this page and i felt i have to add something here,i been with orange for 5 years and just 4 months ago i switched to umnieh ,ok i hate it,but let me see,im download freak,they gave me 20 gb cap,for 1 mp speed,and beside the 20 gb that not enough for me,they been good,i never really needed to contact them about anything,when i finish my 20 gb the speed drop to 64kb,which its worse than dial up …so if you not into downloading then this will be goof for you,i also got one year with kulcom,they sound so perfect ,but unfortunately when they came to hook up the external modem,it didnt pick a signal,eben tho my area is covered but still it didnt pick it,so im gonna get my money and i will have to go and look for something new now all over again :(,im gonna try JSC and see if my area is covered and also see sama …so wish me luck

  • zain suck i got the 10GB/2.4 MG a Second But the speed keep coming down in the middle of the month and that suck they take the speed 95% down just 5% left i dont know why im looking for something with more download limit can anyone help?

  • anyone tried Jordan Cable Services (JCS)?
    are they for real? do they deliver on their promisses?

    I been using orange for the last 9 years and they are the best in Jordan.

  • guys i keep hearing they’re reducing wireless internet service prices this June/July.. is that right? what’s the best deal nowadays in terms of connectivity price quality etc.?

  • Hello everyone,

    Now that I’m planning to take a couple of weeks off and come home to Jordan, I guess it’s an appropriate time to revisit this issue. Last summer, I used Witribe’s thing and it worked great. It appeared that they had some HSUPA setup, and the connection was both lightning fast and reliable. I don’t remember ever having to contact their customer service, and the technician showed up at my door with the WiMax modem about 20 minutes after I called them up. I can’t remember what the bundle was or whether there was a download cap or not, but I do remember paying about 30 JDs for the whole shebang. This summer, however, I’m wondering if there’s a better deal in town.

    What do you ladies and gentlemen think?

  • I’ve heard that Kulacom Jordan presently offers the best wimax, with their double your speed and free download and free month offers. A couple of friends and family are really satisfied with their service.

    http://www.kulacom.jo/offers you can check their website, hopefully their services fits you too.

  • im gonna go with jordan cable services ..they seem to be the best choice ..better than stupid orange i call them 1232134123 times and they make me wait on hold for 5 minutes then i get an auto response saying the lines are busy :S ..this is stupid and customers shouldnt sit down acting so helpless

  • Stay away from Zain, Zain used to be one of the good ISP ppl might say it still, but their customer service FAIL = ppl who doesnt know more than what they see on the paper thats been writting to them.
    (They will answer you inner phone line problem even if you were telling them that you dont have phone line yet), and trying to get more users and not upgrading their harwares.

    onelikn or something is their Internet server or something like who got 3-4th rate.

    stay away from them,

  • The baddest service ever in Jordan is JCS Jordan cable service they are very cheap company i boat the 10mb unlimited connection and they r really bad
    1. you well never reach 10 mb
    2. unlimited dess conection
    3. Ex if they see that you download about 1 g daily they well rely let you hate the internet guys i paid 761 jd one time for one year now i use orange because of the very bad service .

  • I used to be one of Orange ADSL customers, until i got an answer why my modem keep disconnect every 24hour tht even white house in usa, CIA restart thier computers and let them rest(treating their cusmoters as dumps),

    another problem with Zain, called on Wed the customer service said he opend ticket for my problem, called them today and didnt find any ticket opend on wed found the old one on 20-2-2011, and all what they were saying want to move to new service, I told them on Wed(23-2-2011) That I DONT WANT. and now they want me to call them again when i back from work which is at 6:30pm.

    and the funny thing they keep telling you, any other kind of help you need, I had to LOL solve the problem 1st to ask another thing,

    Note: Tech from Orange Came checked my phone line, called them to find out he reported i got inner phone line problems which is and wasnt true, no noise and any cut on my phone line beside i brought tech. guy and checking my home connection and he said i dont have any problems.

    Stay away from Zain and Orange

  • I decided to move to new company, what you think about :

    1- Next
    2- Te Data
    3- Kulacom

    I realy want stable adsl and stable mind got sick from calling My ISP (Zain).

  • Hello everybody,

    It seems that most of you were’nt aware of the word “mooched” used in the first line of this man’s blog.
    It means to steal. this man who called Nasim and all of you puch of stupid people here are blogging with is a theaf and thats enough to give me the creep of this guy…digusting..yuhkkkkkk

    I hope to not offense anybody..but my morals couldnt allow me to keep silent

    I suggest closing this blog because giving information to this guy is not considered ‘halal’ in this case but the opposite

    regards to all information contributors, though some was helpful to me regardless of being outdated now

    it sux, if they see u downloading daily they will start doing the netfiltering, they even block the porn websites and many sites, they even close many ports which will force u to hate the internet

    they block torrents ( making it download less than 1 kb ! )
    they block some websites ” mistakenly ” as they claim
    u will feel u r set back to the JAHELIYAH AGES

    i can’t wait for my contract to finish, so i can move to another provider.
    any ideas of a good provider with high monthly limits ?

  • As much i hate to say it, Orange is the best one currently even though they suck ass as hell, I have a 1MB line with 15GB download limit, + unlimited downloading from 12am to 12pm, but still its not close enough to me, 15GB for 5 laptops in my home (heavy downloaders) this sux so much, we Jordanian people have been paying orange lots and lots of money so much years till now, i can’t fucking understand why can’t we have unlimited lines just like in Syria/Lebanon,Israel even Iraq in the middle of war have unlimited lines are you kidding me? We are so stupid, people we should make a revolution and march in-front of their buildings! this is the only way to force them to solve this problem once and for all, I have a cousin who used to work in orange sales department, he said orange is capable of making the internet download capacity unlimited in the whole country they have the millions of JDs to do that, they can rent more servers and buy more lines, but its gonna cost, any foreign country would do that, but Orange doesn’t want to do that? do you know why? they worship our money, their aims are to rip off our cash so that their big asses in orange can live in Dabooq or 3abdoon and have 5 cars in his garage, and have a multi floors house, You people are sleeping and doing nothing, this is your fault, we should wake up and march and force them to give us unlimited lines!!! or at least 30 GB for 1MB not 15GB!

    The only way i’m satisfying my self is by stealing wireless from my neighbors, i hacked 3 wireless networks and now i use theri giga bytes, i know its selfish but i need to download!

    Don’t go to zain or umniah, they are crap, so does orange but they are still better. I hope some day people will wake up and march against internet services in Jordan,

  • this is getting worse i can’t hold it anymore i cant find any good isp for gaming, my ping is like 300ms while connection to a host in JORDAN !! my internet speed is 2.4m, and when i was in germany my ping did’t get higher than 60ms while connecting to a host here in jordan, and i can’t hold it anymore someone must do something about this !!

  • I am sorry for not being very delightful but ….

    I have an 8 MB bandwidth
    I live about 500 meters (NOT KM but meters) away from Orange city center
    I keep my antivirus off internet protection (so it does not slow me speed)
    I am not a download freak at all, I barely download about 20-30 GB the entire month

    my ping is always about 300-500 ms no matter what I do
    my internet connection starting Thursday to Sunday keeps going down
    every 30 mints for 1-2 mints
    And worst of all on Saturdays you can barely check you email the entire day (even that Saturdays are important because you dont have to work or something but..)

    My advice
    Leave this country ASAP (if you wanna live a proper life anyway otherwise nvm)
    If you can’t then join orange they are (THE best worst company around here)

    My advice for internet gamers
    Don’t buy FIFA 12 so u can play online it is a waste of money, because before 3 am you will not be able to play a proper game

    As far as Dota or dotalike games MW2 , etc . you can play sometimes but you will get more disappointed by the day till u quit.

    But look at the bright side. you can facebook 😀 and u can use messenger with your friends
    even if it is 1k years old and dead and have a terminal lung cancer in its final stages 🙂

  • Guys this is the TRC هيئة تنظيم قطاع الاتصالات website http://www.trc.gov.jo

    You have problem with ISP and you have tired many times to get it fixed and you still suffer, tell the TRC,use it !!!!

    اللي مش عاجبتة الخدمة و عندة مشكلة و الشركة مش راضية تحلها يتصل بهيئة تنظيم الإتصلات و يقدم شكوى رسمية
    الله ما بسمع من ساكت


    If you will subscribe to one of Orange’s new internet offers, BE CAREFUL, they will tell you “up to 24mb” and 20GB download. The reality is: you’ll pay a year subscription, you’ll not get more than 2 Mb, you will be charged “automatically” for “exceeding” the download ceiling (which off course you’ll not be able to argue!), you’ll end up paying more than double what is indicated in their offer!!!

  • The highest ive ever seen is Kulacom’s 4mb/sec plan. Its 500jds The only problem i see with Kulacom is that their modems security is just plain horrible. Having a password have never been so difficult, and the speed isnt always stable.

    If you like playing online games. I suggest you get the 3mb/s plan from wi-tribe. Playing online doesnt take a lot of downloading. The only good thing about wi-tribe is that its speed is always stable. and its also much much cheaper than kulacom.

  • visiting family for a few weeks and really disappointed with the broadband speeds here. I think I’m on Orange and only getting about 1.5 mb/s
    (check your speed at http://speakeasy.net/speedtest/)
    After reading some of the comments here, I’m starting to feel like I’m lucky to get that kind of speed, but that really isn’t spped! This is really slow compared to the rest of the world and what websites need to be able to view their content! 25 mb/s is becoming standard at a fraction of what the Jordan internet companies are charging!
    fast internet connections are crucial for the commerce of tomorrow. this will hold us all back!
    the person that suggested registering your complaints is right. everyone should demand fast internet.

  • If you’re interested in internet speed and costs around the world for comparison, check out the cost per mbps at the link below and you will see that what we have right now from Broadband internet providers in Jordan is among the slowest for speed and at the highest cost per mbps in the world!
    Keep in mind that the date in the infograph is from the beginning of 2011, so the speeds in the countries show have actually increased substantially since then, leaving us further in their dust.


    Number one is, predictably, Japan, where the average broadband speed is 60mbps and they pay $0.27 per 1mbps.
    The USA, in comparison, average 4.8mbps and pay $3.33 per 1mbps (per month)
    (again, this is data from end of 2010/beginning 2011. It is much faster and cheaper now at end of 2012: 50 mbps offerred for $50/month, so now down its down to $1/mbps in the USA

    If you want to feel even worse about our situation here:
    In 2005, Kansai Electric Power (Japan) launched a 1 Gbit/s FTTH (fiber to the home) service at 8700 yen/month (90 US$).

  • Jordan is the worst place in the world regarding to Internet Service , and most of the ISPs like Orange , Umniyah and Zain are punch of thiefs and they are guarded by the government itself , which knows that they are just theifs and allows them to steal from the people … the worst place to find regarding to customer service , their is nothing actually called customer service regarding to internet issues …

  • whatever you do, DO NOT GO WITH Umniah !!
    You will be given the router at the moment you sign the agreement between you and Umniah which will lock-you-into a contract that you will not be able to get out of for 12 months, it’s like serving in the military, One year mandatory to serve with this unethical company. You have 2 Days or 100mgb !! whichever comes first, until your final decision is reached whether you want to keep the service. Past 2 days from receiving the router you will be financially liable and obligated under agreement to pay 50% of the remainder unpaid bills until the end of the 12 month period regardless if you use the service or not. The tricky part is that, the internet speed (AS PROMISED BY THE AGENT) is fine the first 2 days, but passed 2 days you’re sailing on your own, internet becomes slow, and there is a lot of interruption and noise with the network communications, you will finish typing an email and as soon as you hit “Sent” your work is all gone, why because the signal is lost. No reliable support, you will make 10s and 10s of calls for them to come out to diagnose your problem, but they never show up and if you take the router to one of their stores you will get rejected. Also, I advise any of you who have been living abroad and accustomed to the politeness of western civilizations and the way we humans should treat one-another, you will not find this here in Jordan, I’m just staying, try to get accustomed to the rudeness and impoliteness of the people anywhere you go, this is coming from an (Arab-American Muslim man who’d lived here in Jordan for 16 years) prior to migrating to US back in 1991. Also on a side note: Do not attempt to ask the agent at the store for the previous months of paid bills, i.e. a statement, you will get yelled at and told “We’ve given you receipts for all payments you made you should go home and look at your receipts”!! Really ? who says this to a customer ? The agent simply says “we will not give you a statement” as simple as that, this is how bad customer Service is in Jordan, specially at Umniah. I’ve paid the remainder of the balance of unused services which was equivalent to 6 months of the remainder of the contract, and cut ties with Umniah FOREVER !!!…


Your Two Piasters: