Amman Bombings | The Second Anniversary

There’s a strangeness to this day. I didn’t know a single victim. I still feel like I lost a close friend. Remember. Everyone is a victim. Two years on. Night falls on a solemn day. Amman Martyr’s Park. Remember. The world is damp with a Friday mist. Join the caravan of cars. A pilgrimage. Remember. Third circle. Hyatt. Radisson. Skies open. Rain pours. It’s been a while. Rabia; Days Inn. Remember. Cop car blue lights. Everyone maneuvers like mice. Remember. Asphalt roads funnel rain down hill. Every car joins the ceremony. Whether they want to or not. Remember. The rain makes for poor photography. The cold makes for good company. Remember. Light candles. Read scripture. Words are difficult to come by. Watch. Breathe. Whisper. Listen to a city remember.

Say not in grief that she is no more
but say in thankfulness that she was
A death is not the extinguishing of a light,
but the putting out of the lamp
because the dawn
has come.

– Tagore


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