Al Gore, Me, And Our Messy Desks

Yes. Other than our love for the environment, Al Gore and I also share messy desks in common. Some of you might recall Roba running a competition on her blog about a year ago, for the messiest desk. I didn’t win the messiest category, but I did get recognition for having the “most livable” desk. So Salam has just informed me that she spotted my desk on

A few pictures down is Al Gore and his home office.

I kind of miss that desk. It reminds me of my time in Toronto. That desk was the command center of my life for quite some time. I still live in a messy environment but that desk is a continent away.


  • Not too messy, I mean the stuff on your shelves are actually arranged in some kind of order (big to small) without loose books/papers sticking out. It’s just your table top that needed some work. There should be a messiest closet contest, I’d sooooo win.

    Where are Gore’s desk pics?

  • I keep telling myself a messy desk is a sign of a brilliant mind. πŸ™‚

    No Asoom, the messiest closet contest distinction is ALL mine!

  • To tell you the truth, your desk is much more messier than mine, but I think its messiness is awesome. I have piles and piles of messy books and articles that throughout time have slid from on top of each other as if an earthquake hit the desk! Me and my roommates are moving to another apt. tomorrow, and I am fully consumed thinking about how I can move my desk.. it is impossible!

  • Who knew you were in such exalted company? I did think your desk was rather more lived in than truly messy. It even looks like you could find things if you needed to πŸ™‚

  • My Desk at home is messy like yours, but instead of food, I got clothes, no further comment.
    It’s an organized mess, everything is in place (in my head) and it’s easy to locate.

    Ok, what’s really important here : Is that the Ritz bits sandwiches,cheese on your disk? :'( Where can you find it in Jordan?

  • Firas: this was my desk back in Toronto (i.e. this time last year). i don’t know where you can get the ritz here in amman, but im guessing grand supermarket. i should pay them a visit now that you mention it.

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