Return Of The Second Tower

September 19th, 2007: The Towers of Babel outside my house.

October 8th, 2007: One Tower Falls

October 29th, 2007: Return Of The Second Tower

WTF Man?! Apparently, the police and other “officials” have been bought off by Orange and Zain, according to various sources and the fact that one policeman told us bluntly not to mess with these companies (if he was us). This is one of the main reasons why no one on the state-side of things is able to help us battle these corporate giants.

The other main reason is that both Orange and Zain are inconsiderate a**holes.

I’m all out of legal options at this point.

I am officially declaring war on both companies.


  • Seems liek someone is taking matters into their own hands…

    Now, you can do it the “traditional” way. I’ll get you an itroduction to this guy I know, who knows some very nice guys who are very helpful in their own way, they call them “The Chorus”. They also happen to have some pretty tough cell mates who will be willing to help. Zain and Orange will be hsitory in one raid. Just one phone call and those guys will show up at your door with swords (seriously, swords!) ready for anything. You just need to expand your circle of acquaintance…

    Now, I’ve given you the ultimate solution, fire with fire. If you insist on being a good citizen, then inta 7or

  • Spray paint the truck with:

    ” Zain and Orange suck ass”

    or or let me see, hmmm:

    ” Zain and Orange are polluting the airwaves”

    Apparently these waves are actually harmful, they banned those antennas in all of Israel in residential areas, I read it on Haratez and remembered you but was too lazy to link it.

    By the way, who owns this piece of land? I suggest maybe putting a huge billboard right next to them bashing the 2 companies , it should say:
    ” Citizens are sick of Zain and Orange ” or” of Zain and Orange stop the bullying NOW”

    I think this is more legal than spray painting them, or is it? I don’t know.

    I will let you know if I come up with better ideas.

  • The two companies suck regardless of all what we could say. When we moved out to the new house we had no signal for both Fastlink and Mobilecom (back in the days), and to solve the problem they (Fastlink) offered us to plant a tower on the roof of our home and even pay us for it, assuring us that it is completely harmless! Of course we refused because a) that does not make sense b) the towers are hideous!
    I don’t think legal means are going to do it, nor would 7aki’s suggestions, they really don’t care about the citizens feelings, they only care about blurring new users with colorful campaigns and generating more buck!
    Maybe we can turn this into an issue where candidates in the next elections can have a stand about it. “ Vote for me and I will remove those towers”

  • First of all, who owns the land in front of your house and did these two companies obtained permits to erect those ugly tower on the adjacent lot? who gave them the permits and which governmental department is responsible and was there any environmental report prior to the placements of those ugly towers? and regarding the policeman ,If I were you ,I would not even bother to ask him or her any question and is there any legal mean you can take to get any remedies?

  • globalorama: no vandalism just yet.

    ola: swords? really? interesting…

    khaled: indeed!

    7aki: yeah, protesting doesn’t seem to work with them

    dandoon: you have a good point.

    mazz: workin on that

    alurduni: the land is disputed inheritance, so no known owner as of yet. they dont have permits. going to court would mean being tied up in the legal system for 2 years. im hoping for quicker action than that.

  • There were similar incidence in my home town,our police department wanted to place communication tower on the top of the police department building, and they had to obtained permit and for them to place those towers on their own building they had to have a public hearing where neighbors and property owners have to vote and discuss and address their concerns ,after almost a years the permit was denied and the project was scraped because the majority of the people that lives close to the tower voted against it.
    When are we going to have at least relative democracy and accountability ?just when?

  • Vandalism is illegal and will get you arrested, legal action is expensive and slow.

    They would respond to bad publicity, perhaps something more than a blog can provide. Maybe you can get this on a radio show, or (unlikely) on one of the 3 main local papers.

    Alternately, Write a really long expressive email. choose an excellent subject. Go hunting for email addresses of Zain/Orange PR and mangement, don’t just copy the jordanian office, go for the French/Kuwaiti HQs as well. Copy any email addresses for complaints and customer relations. Translate the letter to French if you must for Orange HQ.

    You wouldn’t believe what I have accomplished in the past just by emailing the right poeple.

    once written, start sending it once a week.

  • Yes, swords! One of those guys (names aside for safety purposes) has a tatoo on his forehead, it says “Mother”… I’m dead serious!!

    I just noticed this has nothing to do with the main topic

  • Call Al Ghad newspaper or Batir Wardam could help.
    Send your story in Arabic to AmmanNet,AmmonNews and other website of this kind.
    I’m not for “plan B”, is there some dude in your Harra running for the parliament? You have now something to bargain with your vote ;). Lawyers? Pass on a petition, or gather some 20-30 old dudes and go to the Muhafeth

    In Jordan it’s all about the group! Just gather as many people as you could and go to the Muhafeth or even a minister.

    TIP(in case you got too desperate): Go for the Diesel tanks for both the truck and the generator. Just go to El Sab3 and spread the word to the Egyptian workers hanging there (Free Diesel, come now, just hop in, no time for details).

  • yeah, see this is the problem of living in a safe country, in iraq for example nobody would dare do this to you, because they know that if you got mad enough you would RPG the hell out of them hahahahah 😀

    too bad we dont have any of these toys in Jordan 😛 😛 😛

  • You need media outlets that are not taken hostages by the advertisement power of Zain and Orange. If you can write in Jordan Business then it is fine. On the other hand, file a complaint at the Ministry of Environment. propably no action will be taken but I can tell you to call the coalition of the environmental NGOs in Jordan and maybe trigger a campaign against the two companies.
    I am afraid there are no regulations for the mobile phones towers in Jordan yet. Only a wide campaign will force the governemnt to take actions. I will be back with more practical suggestions later after asking some experts.

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