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  • Typical – Mute Math | One of the best and freshest bands I have heard in a long time. Front man, Paul Meany has a voice that is reminiscent of a coarser Sting, and many of the songs will drive you in that direction before leading you away into a more synth-indie-rock style. Mute Math merges everything from rock to jazz to reggae and somehow, someway, it works, and it works well. The self-titled debut is just a beautiful collection of songs laced with meaningful lyrics and will play in your head long after it finishes. The monstrous raw drumming of Darren King resonate through every track. If you like what you hear, revisit some of their older EPs like Reset, that includes tracks like the haunting “Ok” and the stellar “Progress”.

    Their music video for the song “Typical” is a reflection of the band’s level of creativity. It may be the best ‘in reverse’ video I’ve ever seen, while Meany seems to be bringing back the keytar. ‘How long does it take somebody, before they can be someone?’
  • Fiction (Before it’s too late) – Goo Goo Dolls | One of my favorite bands, the Goo Goo Dolls wrote this song for the Transformers soundtrack, and while I vaguely remember it playing during the film I only recently got to hear it in its entirety. It is the band’s first time writing a song for a movie, since “Iris” was done for the “City of Angels” soundtrack, and while it’s not as memorable/classic, “Fiction” is honestly one of the best songs this band has ever written. ‘I wandered through fiction to search for the truth, burred beneath all the lies.’
  • The Little Things – Colbie Caillat | She has a great voice and while her song “Bubbly” may be playing all over radio, much of her album “Coco” that I’ve heard so far is a great listen. Also check out other tracks I’m loving like “Realize” and “Magic”. ‘But don’t just leave me hangin on…’
  • Shadows & Regrets – Yellowcard | One of my favorite songs these days. It a good track for the autumn season. ‘How tall did we stand, with the world in our hands’.
  • Awakening – Switchfoot | A song you can’t help but rock out to. Also check out “Oh! Gravity”. ‘I want to wake up kicking and screaming’.
  • Easier to Lie – Aqualung | A great track from an artist previously unknown to me. Also check out “If I Fall” which I first heard (believe it or not) on Jordan 96.3 FM. I’m just as surprised as you are. ‘To bear the weight and push into the sky, it’s easier to lie’.


  • Hmmmmmm I always thought of myself of being on the musically astute side but how come I’ve never heard of these people, except for the goo goo dolls and switchfoot, neither of whom I’m really a fan of. Actually there are some goo goo dolls songs I really like (boy named goo).

    Since your sharing your music interests, my current favorite song is “tremble” by better than ezra which I’ve been listening to over and over, heard of them? I’m really excited about the new Matchbox 20. As far as your mute math, I think I need to get used to the sound.

  • asoom: I like to discover new music that sounds good all the time and I love to share that experience. But in between this playlist are a hundred and one songs from favorite albums and mixes that I’m always listening to.

    wow, i haven’t listened to better than ezra since “desperately wanting”. i was hooked on that.

  • I also like to discover “new” music although all the recent stuff I fall in love with is actually older stuff that I just didn’t know about. Do you have a playlist on I always search those playlists for songs I love to see what else people who like the same songs as me like.

    You should check out the Better Than Ezra Greatest Hits album (2005), Desperately Wanting is not their best you know!

  • Big fan of Goo and Colbie
    Yellowcard and Switchfoot are pretty good too
    Shadows and Regrets great song!
    never heard of Mute Math but I may just check them out

  • oh yeah i forgot… i was going to go see Colbie this month but her show was cancelled 🙁 hope she comes back again soon!

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