An Interesting Way To Win A Parliamentary Seat

The Jordan Times today has an interesting article on former MP Nariman Roussan who won her seat in the 14th parliament through the women’s quota. Apparently (and allegedly) Roussan, who was president of “Al-Awn Society for Helping Widows”, used the charity’s funds for “campaigning purposes”, or in layman’s terms: bribes. The Society’s building was also used by Roussan as her campaign headquarters.

Moreover the story seems to come with some internal Roussan family drama as Hani Mahmoud Roussan and Tamam Saleem Roussan (don’t know the exact relation) are also implicated in the aforementioned crimes, and with the society’s treasurer and secretary, Aseel Roussan, being one of the two people who filed the original complaint against Nariman.

You have to admit, as far as corruption on the lower rungs of the political ladder go, this was a pretty clever plan. Using a charitable society you run to fund your campaign and save you the cost of having to get another office. The irony here I suppose is that she eventually won through the quota system.

Nariman should have used the charity’s funds to just give the widows more money. She would’ve had a lock on the widow vote as well as the biggest voter mobilizing force in the country.


It’s also nice to see the government going after former MPs on corruption charges.

It makes me hope for the day when the government goes after itself.


  • “It makes me hope for the day when the government goes after itself”

    Nas, if you have some hope left later, please be generous and give me some. because am pretty sure you will run out of it soon as much of us did!

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