A Phone Call From The Queen

This morning my best friend Saher calls me up all excited. His fiance, Sara – who heads up the Action Committee featured recently on the Black Iris and 7iber – received an important phone call. It turns out Her Majesty Queen Rania decided to give Sara a ring and tell her that she discovered the Action Committee through the blogosphere and appreciated all the work everyone was doing, especially in the Baqa’a camp. She also said she was prepared to assist the committee in any capacity.

The Queen was very down to Earth and was speaking as if she was a friend who had known her for ages, which is one of the reasons Sara didn’t believe it was her!

HM also called Play 99.6 earlier last week to commend them for their Toys Of Hope campaign to which she contributed to by dropping off toys at a supermarket herself.

I thought it was absolutely cool. In essence, these types of campaigns and projects are done willingly and people participating never ask for anything in return. But a little appreciation every now and then helps to re-energize everyone, pushing them to go on. It’s great to have that kind of appreciation and encouragement from the highest levels.

So a big thank you to Queen Rania from me personally.

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  • That’s awesome!

    She’s a favorite of mine for many reasons…some of which, her down to earth attitude and unwavering support and commitment to humanitarian efforts… truly a Queen of all queens!

    She’s gorgeous, too 😀

    Keep up the great work, Sara and Naseem!

  • We know and of course appreciate the queen’s efforts. But it’s really cool to know that she reads Jordanian blogs.

  • So Cool!! Although I’m sure sara and company are doing this willingly (as you said) it’s good that such people get this type of recognition and appreciation!

  • This is really great news, I second Asoom, “Although I’m sure sara and company are doing this willingly (as you said) it’s good that such people get this type of recognition and appreciation!.”

    Keep up the good work!

  • its really nice to hear that.

    you guys have been doing an extraordinary job and your efforts are appreciated.

    she is gorgeous as usual.

  • First of all this is a thank you note for Sara who organized the campaign and all of those who helped her ( I know you did Nas). You guys were able to reach out and help a sector of the society that has no voice and which became almost invisible to many who are busy catching up with the tough economical conditions we are living those days…
    Queen Rania again has set a wonderful example to young Jordanian by getting involved on the small local level (donating toys) and on the International levels (global summits and conferences).
    Seeing how the spirit of volunteerism is being encouraged in Jordan really makes me believe more in a brighter future.

  • One dress that queen Rania buys for herself would feed the whole refugee camps for whole year ,this is another PR campaign to bolster and enhance her image and her husband ,I think we Jordanian have enough of that propoganda already ……

  • Almutanagal; I think Queen Rania’s dresses are more modest than the tens of thousands of ladies in Jordan who spend millions on clothes and parties and who happen to live in the richest areas in Jordan and happen also to be from the same cities from which the Baq’a refugees and other poor in Jordan come from.
    For a queen I think Rania is very down to Earth. I have not met her personally yet but I follow her activities and know trusted people who know her well and only have the highest praise for her. (they do not work for her, in fact those who are around the royalties are the real baloons who think they are God’s gift to Jordan). In addition, I like her ideas that she promotes in newspapers and media interviews especially about the dialogue between civilisations and the status of Arab and Muslim women. I think she is a source of pride for Jordanians and we should respect her.
    You can say whatever you want about the political choices of the Royal family members but you can not but admite their value of modesty.

    Go get your frustration at the rich and spolied elite of Amman.

  • بتير،يعني تناسيت أنها زوجه الرجل الدي يحكم ألاردن

  • مرحبا يا الملكة المعظمة وبعد
    انا مواطن كباقي المواطنين واريد ايصال صوتي الى العائلة الحاكمة
    واريد الاستفسار عن سر غلاء الاسعار هل هو من معروف البخيت او المصدر
    ولاكن اذا الملك اطال الله من عمره رفع الرواتب الحكوميه موظفين القطاع الخاص ماذا سوف يحل بهم هل سيهاجرو او يتقشعفون انا ابي يعمل بفندق براتب 400 د ونسكن بالايجار 150 د واخي بالجامعة وانا بالتوجيهي وافراد اسرتنا 7 مع الام والاب كيف سنتواكب مع غلو الاسعار
    هذا هو صتي وانا امارس الشورى
    مع كامل احترامي

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