A Family Eid Visit

I have these relatives who love to talk about themselves. They’re not wealthy; probably as middle as middle class can get in Jordan. Nevertheless they enjoy nothing more than to speak of their accomplishments. Their kids are tremendous. They’re not big achievers or anything, mediocre at best, but nonetheless, anything small they do is a huge thing. One of them went to Canada for about a year and his mother now talks about that as if he went to work for NASA or something.

Yesterday, during their Eid visit, the mother was busy talking to my mother and sister, while my father listened to the father (I pretended to do the same but really I was trying to focus on both conversations). So she says, “you know my daughter’s husband bought a house in Greenland” (the new complex), and then she turns to my father and pulls him out of the conversation by saying “did you hear abu-Naseem? So-and-so (the husband) bought my daughter a house in Greenland.”

My father had a confused look on his face and so I let out a laugh because I knew he was thinking they had just bought a house in the country of Greenland, where basically no one lives except for polar bears.

The husband will talk about how he “fixed up” a run down public school, which is fine. But you know if I had accomplished that same feat, I wouldn’t really boast about it. When you do a selfless deed you don’t really need to publicize it or else it becomes selfish. It becomes something you do to tell people you did it, which is fine in the context of raising awareness, but not so great if it just becomes a story about how cool you are.

They’ll ask about the ma3moul and then point out a better and more expensive place, which is of course, where they (don’t) get theirs.

Anyways, I wasn’t present for the entire conversation as I was busy writing yesterday’s post, but I hadn’t seen these relatives for almost 7 years.

Nothing has changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of like these relatives in comparison to other people related to us. However they have these bad conversational habits that are so overwhelming at times. Actually, all the time. It’s like there’s nothing you can do about it; you see it coming and all you can do is stand there.

When they rose to leave, the mother quickly stuffed a few ma3moul and chocolates into her purse which I thought was hilarious.


  • Do you think your relatives read your blog ? πŸ™‚

    I sit with my relatives when they come visit us for Eid, but I don’t returnt he favor. Its just too rediculus to visit someone having just seen them earlier in the day.

    About relatives stuffing Mamoul in their purse, last Eid, I got a big box full of lollipops (the kind with gum inside) to give to the kids of the visitors when they come in. Some of my adult relatives took 4 or 5 lollipops and stuffed them in their pocket. The funny thing is my dad asked who they were for, and they said “oh, its for my grandchild”.
    Dad: “Isn’t he in the US?”
    Relative: “Yeah, but he’ll come back in a month”

    okie dokie.

  • the mother quickly stuffed a few ma3moul and chocolates into her purse which I thought was hilarious.

    hahahaha! That is hilarious … πŸ˜€ it sorta reminds me of this one man who stuffs leftover feta cheese from Reza’s restaurant in his pockets as he’s walking out!

    anyway, I can so relate to what you’re saying! can you imagine the torture I have to endure by such relatives when I visit back home!

  • ” When they rose to left, the mother quickly stuffed a few ma3moul and chocolates into her purse which I thought was hilarious.” loooooooooool.. that was hilarious! You really made me laugh!
    Allah yesam7ak ya Nas, wallahi ma fe da3i lalfadaye7, hehehe.

  • Hani: looool that’s what they all say! (no, my relatives don’t read my blog thank God!) πŸ˜€

    Iman: I imagine there’s a week’s worth of obligations if not more.

    secratea: la2 ma fee fadaye7 bil mawdoo3…plus i come from a tribe with over 25,000 people…so it could be anyone πŸ˜€

    life: thanks! hope to see you around.

  • Ya Nas, but how many Tarawneh men got their wives a house in “Greenland,” but not the country of Greenland, hehehe πŸ˜€ Just joking ;P

  • secratea: now a house in the country of Greenland would be something! biggest island in the world. a lot of white coloring. a lot of..you know….space and stuff.

    that would impress me.

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