Some people work and become wealthy.
Others do the same and remain poor.

Marriage fills one with energy.
Another, it drains.

Don’t trust ways.

They change.

A means flails about like a donkey’s tail.
So always add the gratitude clause:

‘if God wills’.

Then proceed.

You may be leading a donkey, no, a goat, no, who can tell?

We sit in a dark pit and think we’re home.
We pass around delicacies.
Poisoned bait.

You think this is preachy double-talk?

Those who do not breathe the ‘God willing’ phrase,
Live in a collective blindness.
Rubbing their eyes
in the dark,
they ask:

“Who’s there?”

– Rumi

An ode to Laylat Al-Qadr 2007


  • All is conditioned with the will of Allah, the Almighty, and that is what makes the real difference.
    I love this poem! Nas, thanks for sharing 😉
    sa7ee7, don’t tell me that Rumi’s aura is coming to an end this year with the end of Ramadan? If you allow requests, I’d be happy to read Rumi every now and then through the black-iris 😉

  • I loved the poem nas… so well written and true from beginning to end..
    Inshalla u will continue sharing these poems with us 🙂

  • yeah, the poetry drift will probably lessen post-ramadan, but i’ll try and revive it at least once a week. it’ll give me something to post on the busy days and the dry spell days.

  • The poem was nice and rich with meanings; thanks alot ^_^.
    We should know that everything happens with god’s will only. And we should never think of ourselves as better than God when we suddenly become successful, because God can destroy all that we achieved in a flash.
    انشاء الله ينعم علينا كلنا

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